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afwakepilot13 03-16-2004 5:06 PM

Anybody own or have ridden both of these boards a fair amount and could tell me the differences between the Temet and the old Belmont/Motive design? I ride a Motive 134, and I need something like a 140. I'm going to demo boards, but I was just wondering if I decided I wanna stick with Murray's boards, should I try the Temet, or just save $ and go with the cheaper Motive. And if so, should I try the 138 or the 142, I weight like 178, 6'2". Thanks,

stanfield 03-16-2004 7:37 PM

I just got a new Temet, 138 I think. I haven't ridden a Motive though. I like the Temet, but was a bit surprised at how loose it felt when I first started riding it this year. It took me a couple times out to find the binding position that I liked that felt stable enough. In all fairness though, I hurt my back the beginning of last season that put me out all year, so it's been almost two years since I've ridden regularly. <BR> <BR>SFH

devastate 03-17-2004 4:37 AM

Havent ridden the Temet but the Motive 140 and the 144 are both stable boards. however the two are significantly different, the motive has a continueous rocker where as the temet has a subtle three-stage. The motive is designed more to be stable for an intermediate rider and the Temet is realy for an advanced rider.. anyway technically if you can wakeboard then you can ride any board, but whichever board suits you best will just make it that much easyer.

jayc 03-17-2004 7:01 AM

I rode a motive 140 last season and have bought a motive 144 for this season as I'm a bit heavier now! <BR>I love the way the motive rides and I've been told the 144 will give me a bit more pop. Its very stable and forgiving but still rides fast.

dinker 03-17-2004 3:13 PM

The Temet John o is continious not subtle-three stage just like the motive so was the belmonts Shaun's boards are all continious! I have a Temet and its awesome and its a board that a begginer and a pro can ride thats what makes it so good that you can start out on it and not have to buy a new board when you get better!Shaun has a new boarding school and you dont even have to bring your own board Shaun will start you out on the Temet so its a great board for beginners plus its way easier to ride switch becaus of the way it is setup so if i were you i would go with the temet for sure

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