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Gtvrb 06-16-2018 9:30 AM

What Byerly Boots are these?
My last post disappeared. Does anyone know the model of this byerly boot and where I might find a review?

fly135 06-16-2018 11:47 AM


fly135 06-16-2018 11:59 AM

It looks like unless you want to buy a used sz 10 pair off eBay for $59, this boot doesn't even exist.

Gtvrb 06-16-2018 5:00 PM

Decided to give them a shot. Now I just need to find hardware.

denverd1 06-19-2018 8:40 AM

hit up HD

Gtvrb 06-19-2018 3:31 PM

What Byerly Boots are these?
There is some kind of grooved plate that fits in a track. I don't have any trouble with the screws. Just how they hold down the plates.

fly135 06-19-2018 3:39 PM

The plates on my CWB boots has similar ridges.

brinks 06-19-2018 6:33 PM

I think its the same plate design from 2010. Look at the Harley and Shane bindings. They should have the same mounting hardware. My guess is that was a prototype for a binding design. Check the final finish to make sure they aren't just tossed together and will actually hold up,

brinks 06-19-2018 6:55 PM

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So after I posted that I was thinking I might have some in an old junk drawer! LOL.. Sure enough I have exactly 4 of them from an old set of LF Vantage bindings. If you think they will work and want them get me your address and I'll send them your way. (In the US of course) The LF bindings had a different size on each side of the binding so you would know which goes on what side plus allowing a little wiggle room.

Gtvrb 06-19-2018 9:36 PM

Thanks for the offer. I might have a line on some but if that falls through I may hit you up.

wake2snow 06-25-2018 9:29 PM

The boots were called the byerly pro from 2010 and those LF clamps won't work the channel grooves are different sizes they won't lock together. The best bet would be to call hyperlite and see if they have any old hard wear sitting around.

Gtvrb 06-30-2018 4:59 PM

Thanks guys. They had tags still attached so I don't think they are prototypes. A very nice guy from hyperlite on here sent me some new hardware. Hyperlite is pretty awesome. Rode once and I am still getting used to riding again after a season off for injury.

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