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WakeS4MontyFL 08-30-2012 7:35 AM

TS FS 360 wrapped
Hey guys, I've been working on my TS FS 3s and I get the handle pass about 5/10 tries but I was wondering if I should start learning how to land wrapped. How exactly do you land in a wrapped position and is it very difficult? Thanks for the help

beretta5spd 08-30-2012 8:25 AM

That's a good question.

In order to land wrapped for the toe front 3 I first learned a switch back 180. the switch back 180 is the second half of the toe front 3 so it might help you.

I find the handle pass easier than wrapped when it comes to toe front 3s.

Break the toe 3 into steps:

Strong approach
Stand firm at the peak of the wake
Initiate spin with TWO HANDS on the handle
Shove the handle into the small of your back
Land with soft knees
Handle should be right there to grab at the landing.

Hope that helps

callanstarr 06-19-2013 5:14 AM

I first learnt how to hold the blind position by doing inside-out toe 3s and holding cuffed and then developed into maintaining the blind position. Then when taking this trick wake to wake i break it down into 2 phases in midair. I first go for the toeside 180 and if it is perfectly popped and im going to land down the transition i then drop the handle to the small of my back to complete the spin. I like to add back hand grabs to this trick because it makes you drop the last rotation off later to help hold the blind position. Hopefully this helps!

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