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wake_eater 07-13-2003 3:46 PM

i just started riding at the end of last summer. now im ready to "GO BIG", or atleast try but i cant seem to get the wake dialed in. ive got 360 lbs of lead, & 2 500 lb. fatsacks. ive been filling a sack between the motor & rear seat, putting about 200lbs. of lead in front, and 1 sack filled half way in front of engine cover. do i need more weight? or arrange it differently? my outback ls already rides pretty low. any pointers would be much appreciated!!

jon_a 07-13-2003 3:55 PM

Fill the two 500 sacks and put them on either size of the motor box. Put the 360 of lead in the bow. That will be your best wake.

krug 07-27-2003 9:42 PM

I have a 2000 outback . with only a driver and a spotter the best wake in a outback is to throw the back seat out, put 2 500 lbs sacks in the back laying sideways side by side then put one on each side of the motor, if they are around 500 dont fill them all the way, then either put a 5th bag in the walkway or some sand up in the bow storage. <BR> With what you have now i would do what jon allen said, but not so much in the bow. these boats are very front heavy compared to others. and have people sit in the back seat if you leave it in. DONT LET ANYBODY RIDE IN THE BOW, it will not track right or corner worth a shizz

bwood 07-28-2003 5:08 AM

how would you do it for a v drive? I have two 250lbs on each side of the engine and one 600lbs sack in the center ski locker.the wake is just not big enough.

sbt3 07-28-2003 6:52 AM

Woody my friend has a 2000 mob v as well and this is how we weight it. 2 sacs in the front ski locker. The front one only get about half full cause it hit on the bottom of the seats. Then he has the two ballast tanks that are built in next to the engine. the we put a phat buddy on each side of the engine. This seems to be the best setup for the boat that we found. If you have the wake plate we usually run his at the first line. That puts just enough pressure down to keep it from porpoiseing(sp?)but doesn't take away from the wake. We also usually have at least 5-6 people in the boat also they sit in the main area not in the bow. I like the wake on that boat alot when we weight it like that. The table is kind of narrow so I run 85 feet long.

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