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WildDuke 02-09-2013 3:36 AM

Humanoid - Anyone tried or had an experience
Hey, I was advised to have a look at the Humanoid 1up wakeboard and I really like the look of it.

Has anyone else tried it or has anyone had any experiences with humanoid boards?

I appreciate your thoughts!

WildDuke 02-09-2013 5:04 AM

Sorry, I did a search and found lots of Humanoid threads.

I should specify, I'm actually looking for specific information on the 1UP board.

edgeski1 02-11-2013 12:30 PM

The 1 up is an unreal board. It's Humanoid's most rigid board, has a ton of pop, but still pretty speedy. You'll absolutely love the landings too

hunter660 02-11-2013 2:06 PM

I bought an Oracle last year on eBay. It is my favorite board I have ridden so far. Every year up until I got this board I have had trouble with scar tissue in my shin from a motorcycle wreck causing me pain on landings. Not once did it bother me last season.

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