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jbarberis 08-22-2007 3:22 PM

I have a 2005 Mastercraft X 10 with a 3 pump ballast system, using the Jabsco pumps. <BR> <BR>I had one blow a circuit breaker. After a bunch of diagnosis, I found that one of the 4 permanent magnets which are glued to the outer pump motor housing had come loose. I reglued it and reassembled it, but it has never run with the same power as when it was new. <BR>Now I have another pump running slow. <BR>I refreshed the impellers in all 3 pumps with the new urethane impeller when I fixed the one pump. At this point I only have one pump working up to snuff. I ordered a new pump on the internet for $209...ouch I don't want to do that every year for every pump. <BR>Has anybody else had a similar experience or do you have any insight that might help? Does anyone rebuild these?

1boarder_kevin 08-22-2007 5:56 PM

You are the first I have heard of to have motor trouble. Congratulations. Seriously, I would talk to the dealer. It may (should) be a warranty issue.

bdavis 08-22-2007 7:17 PM

I recently replaced one from a 2003 x-30. Once I found out it was going to cost me $220, I took it completely apart to see if I could fix it. Water had leaked from the pump housing onto the motor and made a corroded rusted mess of things inside. Turns out one of the brushes was not longer brushing and when I moved it, it crumbled away. The new one is now louder than the other two, which may help me to remember to turn the damn things off when emptying

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