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blind5 08-30-2005 8:01 PM

I saw the DQ by Tinos name in the write up of nationals. Anyone know about this? <BR>I had to catch a plane a little early and wasn't able to stick around for finals.

ryan_shima1 08-30-2005 9:30 PM

I didn't hear the official reason but I can only assume that is was this - he took his helmet off for the double up which is allowed but on his way back in he hit the kicker and according to the rules, a rider isn't allowed to hit an obstacle without a helmet on at anytime during their run. <BR> Can anyone confirm if I'm correct or not on the reason for his DQ?

crissym 08-31-2005 4:18 AM

Yeah, I was rideing in the boat. Ryan's right he threw his helmet, and on the way in hit the kicker. It was a shame, he had a great run! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by crissym on August 31, 2005)

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