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pesos 01-11-2011 7:12 PM

Girl Talk
I'm probably very late to this party, but this stuff is great!

wakeborder5 01-11-2011 8:11 PM

Yeah, just by a little bit haha. Which album are you referring to? Their new album -- All Day -- is a lot more mellow than their previous two albums, Feed The Animals and Night Ripper. Either way, here is a list of some other artists and albums that are similar. My personal favorite would be either Milkman or Super Mash Bros.

Super Mash Bros Two albums at link
Milkman - Circles of Fifths and Lactose And THC
E-603 Two albums at link

pesos 01-11-2011 9:02 PM

all i've heard so far is FTA... will check these out thanks!

bendow 01-12-2011 8:08 AM

I've haven't heard the new GT album, I guess it just came out? I'll check it out. That guy is really talented. It takes a lot of time and effort to mix and mash songs in short intervals, while making it sound good.

Anyway, if you like GT, you'll probably like Rock-it Scientists. You can download both of their mixes for free here http://www.beezo.net/djs/rockits/

01-12-2011 1:43 PM

awesome, thanks for the links

01-12-2011 2:29 PM



mnwakerider 01-13-2011 2:23 PM

All I can say is www.hypem.com such a great tool to find good new music. Especially the mashups.

benbuchholz 01-18-2011 11:25 AM

Girl Talk has some great stuff, he's definitely talented and has an ear for mashing songs. Outta my hometown Minneapolis actually, if I remember correctly. A couple of other good ones are DJ Iller, and DJ Ryno. DJ rynos song "B$%&*es in black" is pretty catchy. Actual song title isn't edited like that, if you search for it. Just edited to keep it pg. You're welcome Dave ;) As suggested already, super mash bros is always good too.

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