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player 11-14-2004 2:44 PM

i kno that they've been out for ages but whats so special about dna boards. do they break easily or are they pretty strong.

walt 11-14-2004 3:39 PM

I've had a Premier DNA for about a year and a half and had no problems with it. If You do a search on this topic you will come up with more info.

more_betterness 11-15-2004 11:08 AM

John, <BR> <BR> DNA boards are great. I have 03 byerly. The deal with DNA boards is they are a full wood core which makes them a full pound lighter then foam core boards. Also wood is supposed to be stronger and keeps the shape longer.

dakid 11-15-2004 11:10 AM

stronger? don't pros choose to ride foam over dna at tourneys because the chances of dna breaking is greater than foam breaking?

more_betterness 11-15-2004 12:21 PM

Thats a good question. I was only quoting from what the hyperlite rep told me. Joe now that you mention it I was wondering the same thing especially after he told me that. I will have to ask him next time he comes in.

dirwoody 11-15-2004 5:14 PM

IMO (and what i've heard as well) Dna Cores are lighter yes, stronger no. But if you're not goin as huge as the pro's on a consistent basis and are riding the right size board (and of course not hitting sliders w/a $500 board) then you shouldn't have a problem. Again this is all IMO, but I also think, personally, that the ride is alot springier off the wake. <BR>The strength thing is why you see the pro's riding DNA's in vid's, where it doesn't matter if they break their board, but then the bio's in the comps.

drcrow2 11-18-2004 5:14 AM

I have a 03 premier dna. It does seem to flex abit. I would not have paid the extra money for it because of the durabiliy issues. but I bought it from Grizzlys and only paid $200 for it. IMO if you get the chance to buy one as I did why not, but if you have to put out extra cash for it I say no!

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