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unclejessie 06-29-2009 8:05 AM

Have any of you had your jack stands lock up? I greesed the gearing on top but it still is really, really hard to crank. Are you supposed to greese it somewhere else? <BR> <BR> <BR>-Uj

ironj32 06-29-2009 8:14 AM

i spread grease on the entire pole, as well as on top gearing assemble. also, there should be a little hole close to the top of the stand (but below the gears)...pump a bunch of grease in there and you will notice a ton of improvement in the ease of raising/lowering your trailer.

unclejessie 06-29-2009 8:32 AM

Thanks. I will try it tonight.

ironj32 06-29-2009 8:42 AM

if you only have enough grease to do one, i would focus in squirting it in that little hole...i found the most improvement there. also, i would not try to force the stand up or down by cranking really hard...I've broken two stands doing that (this was before i knew about the grease hole).

unclejessie 06-29-2009 9:04 AM

Once I greese it, I have to crank it all the way down and then back up a few times though, right? <BR> <BR>I thought it was going to fail on me last night. The stand went from a little tight to almost seizing in about 3 trips to the water. My old boat's jack stand did the same thing, so instead of buying a new one, I figured there must be somewhere else to greese it. I thought the shaft, but that didn't seem right... I have a ton of greese, so i will fill up the hole you describe.

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