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stevev210 06-17-2006 5:45 PM

What is the stock weight and Dimensions of the fly high sacs in the rear of the V-Drives? I know alot of people are pulling them out and going with the 400s.

bbr 06-18-2006 9:10 AM

I don't know the dimensions but I think they are only like 200 lbs. I put the 400's in mine and they are the perfect fit.

ripr 06-19-2006 6:38 AM

Not sure if there is any difference in '06, but for '05 it went like this: <BR> <BR>BOAT FRONT BAG REAR BAG <BR>Outback N/A 270 <BR>Mobius LS 400 400 (tank) <BR>Mobius LSV 400 277 <BR>Mobius XLV 650 277 <BR> <BR> <BR>Launch LTS 400 270 <BR>Launch 21 650 400 <BR>Launch 21 V 650 277 <BR>Launch 22 SSV W/T 400 277 <BR>Launch 22 SSV PP 650 277 <BR>Launch 24 SSV 1150 400

md5150 06-19-2006 10:53 AM

NAW - <BR>Is that Launch 24 SSV ballast data the same as the Gravity-III upgrade? I've got the G-IIIv bags and can't find out what they weigh full. <BR> <BR>MD

ripr 06-19-2006 11:08 AM

If I remember correctly, the Launch 24 comes standard with the 19x19x88 bag (1143 lbs, but only has room to fill to about 1000lbs) and 10x16x70 bags in the bag (403lbs each). <BR> <BR>If you upgraded to the bigger set up, you now have 16x16x70 bags in the back which are 645lbs each, which will bring you up to just shy of 2300# total water ballast.

md5150 06-19-2006 11:12 AM

OK, thanks for the info. I get asked all the time and I have been guessing around 2000 total. You have stock ballast in your Supra? I'm still tinkering with what set-up works best. <BR>

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