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tkvaale 08-13-2019 5:06 AM

DIY Surf Bimini
We have a couple of surf boards that do not fit in the clamping board racks of our 2008 X45 ZFT3 tower. We wanted to add the compartments for a surf bimini this off season. Has anyone ever made a homemade surfboard bimini holder. It looks pretty straight forward, but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

jonblarc7 08-13-2019 6:41 AM

Somebody on here makes a bracket that mounts under your tower to hold surf boards. Kinda of like a surf rack for the top of a car.

jonblarc7 08-13-2019 6:42 AM

Here you go


tkvaale 08-13-2019 7:02 AM

That wouldn't work for our tower. We have a bimini going all around that support bar so would have to cut it (not interested) to mount that. And four tower speakers under tower so no room for undermount, Like I said, interested in sewing a surf holder into bimini, anyone ever done this?

denverd1 08-13-2019 9:22 AM

yes, pockets can be sewn into the bimini. google for images

jonblarc7 08-13-2019 9:29 AM

I wasn't trying to sell it. I was just giving you an idea.

Davewfo 08-16-2019 7:29 AM

This is the way to go

2019 Ronix Bimini Rack Surfboard Protector


+ Bimini Top 4 piece Surf Board Rack

+ Holds Four Boards In Their Individual Sleeves

+ Four Fin Pockets, Two Per Side

+ Includes Six Adjustable Webbing Straps To Anchor To Your Bimini Frame

tripsw 08-19-2019 7:00 AM

Straighline has bimini surf straps, not sure if they'd work for you but worth checking out. They're cheap.
Hard to info or pics,they're not even listed on their own website yet. Only found these images https://www.facebook.com/commerce/pr...3777800074487/

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