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allzway 04-02-2015 3:45 PM

Local Photographer - cease & desist using drone
This story ran yesterday in our local news paper about a local photographer that was using his drone to take video of the local lake's dam overflowing for the first time in 3 years.


Local photographer and his drone denied Pat Mayse airspace

Mary Madewell | 0 comments

Freelance photographer Tony Corso of Pattonville and his flying camera have been grounded from taking pictures at Pat Mayse Lake.

On Monday, he received a certified letter from the Corps of Engineers ordering him to cease and desist.

“I picked up this certified mail Monday and was surprised; but they aren’t hauling me off to jail and I didn’t have any black suburbans in my driveway Tuesday morning,” he said.

Corso said a couple weeks ago he posted on Facebook video footage of the lake, showing water running out the valve at the dam for the first time in the past three years or so. The post went viral, receiving 20,000 views and 500 shares. He also sent a copy to meteorologist Pete Delkus of WFFA who subsequently aired it.

“I think that’s what got the government’s attention,” Corso said. “I am always sending him things but didn’t know he was going to give it 90 seconds of coverage.”

The cease and desist order states the operation of aircraft, including ultra-light aircraft or non-powered flight devices such as drones, over water resource projects administered by the Corps is a violation of federal law.

Along with a copy of the regulation, the letter contained the following:

“A violation of this regulation is punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.”

“That’s serious stuff,” Corso said.

However, the letter said the Corps assumes Corso was not aware of the regulation and the incident was not the result of any malicious intent.

“The Corps does not intend to issue a citation or otherwise pursue any legal remedies against you through the U.S. Attorney’s Office for this one-time event provided that you cease and desist from operating drones or other aircraft over Pat Mayse Lake or any other projects managed by the Corp.”

Corso said he plans to follow instructions.

“I am not going to ground my drone but I am going to stay away from Pat Mayse Lake at the request of the United States government,” he said.

Kurzinator 08-25-2017 11:34 AM

What is the issue? I don't understand what he showed that the government is trying to hide?

BrettLee3232 08-25-2017 3:26 PM


Originally Posted by Kurzinator (Post 1966242)
What is the issue? I don't understand what he showed that the government is trying to hide?


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