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st68 01-19-2014 1:54 PM

Polar Bear East Coast!
Official announcement/details to come in about a week or so but a group of us in Atlanta are hosting the Polar Bear East Coast version the weekend of May 3rd at Lake Lanier... so if you have not been able to make to the West Coast for whatever reason now you will have the opportunity to participate in this event this Spring! The format will be almost identical to the Polar Bear hosted by Wake9.com with a few fun treats and twists. More details and a website to come soon...

jaws 01-20-2014 8:04 AM

I hope i can make this one!

timmyb 01-20-2014 8:39 AM

That's awesome but I don't think I would call it the Polar Bear in May. :D

Chaos 01-20-2014 1:22 PM

Agreed with Timmy.

Also to play the devils advocate, I get calling it Polar Bear because you are attempting to use the cache and rep that Wake9 and other involved with coordinating that event over multiple years have garnered, but unless you are work directly with Wake9, etc., or with their approval, you will likely garner more criticism than camaraderie.

Board and Boat companies participate in the Wake9 event because the Wake9 army has spent years developing a wide reaching web and regional presences producing video reviews and other media. So for right now as far as I can tell you are an unknown, and that does not sell to manufactures.

Not to discourage, keep us posted, and look forward to seeing more information.


st68 01-20-2014 5:06 PM

I appreciate your thoughts... it also helps to know a little more information. We are not calling it Polar Bear.... the reference is give an idea of what the event is about. But they were okay with us using any name we wanted... we have been communicating with them about this. Actually Ragboy and crew are very open handed with allowing us to tap into their resources but we are mostly doing everything on our own (copying a lot of what is done right at Polar Bear and they are okay with that). We already have our boat and board line up secured... being in Atlanta and having so many dealers here is working in our favor. We also have some pro's behind this event so that helps as well... details as to who will be announced once we finish our website and a few details. It promises to be a great event... and I always like to give credit to where credit is due.... wake9.com has pioneered the trail on this type of event... we are just wanting to offer it to those on the East Coast and put our own spin on it. I attended the Polar Bear this past October and it was definitely awesome. It really is one of those things that is rare to offer because of the unbias towards a certain boat manufacturer or board maker... I am not tied to any of them and truly want to see people experience different varieties of boats/boards to help determine best fit for preferences of the sport. Plus you get to meet some great people and talk wakesurfing smack all weekend long!!

Chaos 01-20-2014 7:28 PM

Cool. Best of luck. Let me know if you need boards.


biggator 01-21-2014 5:32 AM

Sounds like a cool event.. but May is already 2 months into riding season on Lanier most years.

Doomswell 01-21-2014 8:04 AM

Sounds like a good time!

BoardersMag 01-23-2014 11:11 AM

Sounds like an awesome event! Look forward to learning more about it.

SacSurfer 01-24-2014 8:59 AM

Awesome, would love more details, as we are surfing up here in VT and the closet event was the east coast masters that Nautique did.

Keep us posted.

phathom 01-25-2014 12:21 AM

May 3rd? That is summer! And that's by NW standards. The name obviously wouldn't be a "Polar Bear" type of event, because of the temp. But as you said you're not naming it anything like that. I like the concept and am planning on attending the Wake9 one this year. Lack of Vacation time was the main factor for not going this year, but now I'm planning on it.
Good luck to you, and I hope it goes well.

LipSnapWakesurfBoards 01-27-2014 2:10 PM

Will be interested in getting more details.

st68 01-28-2014 6:10 AM

Final details are coming together and should have our website complete hopefully by end of this week... we are excited about the interest in the event from you guys!!

st68 02-02-2014 11:50 AM

We have officially launched our website with detials on our event, Southern Surfest. Goto www.southernsurfest.com for more information!!

ragboy 02-06-2014 5:26 PM

As far as the name "Polar Bear", scott did ask my permission from the get go, actually he asked me when we shared a house boat during our event, or maybe right after. I said no problem as long as this is a community driven, not for profit, grow the community type of event.

We have supported him with budgets, contacts, and are available to help in any way, and I am sure I will be doing some kind of podcast and/or interview with them.

If it helps them to use the name and feed off of that momentum, as long as its a community event, cool with me.

ragboy 02-06-2014 5:26 PM

Oh, and Southern Surf Fest is also fine, but I am not concerned either way.

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