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remax 09-21-2010 8:27 AM

Help with board suggestions
Hey guys long time reader, Just after some advice on boards.

Currently i ride a witness 144 its an 07 i think. I bought it when i was first getting into the sport, before i really knew what i wanted out of the board. The witness has done me well but I'm looking to upgrade to a new 2010/11 board.
I'm chasing a board that rides really fast. I'm not a go out into the flats guy as i have bad knee's but I really like the feel of a quick approach to the wake.
I'm not worried about brand or graphics as long as its quick and predictable pop! I consider myself a begineer/intermediate rider. I can't demo boards as i have no shop close buy.

I have been thinking about these boards
CWB Faction 144
JStar Vanity 141
LF Lyman 143

If anyone can give me a suggestion as to which of these boards or any other boards for that matter that will be fast and predictable that be awesome!

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