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06-21-2010 10:54 AM

Ronix BIll 2010 Review
So I made the purchase for the new 2010 Ronix Bill setup last Friday, All I can say is WOW, this thing is awesome.. Coming from a 2007 Ronix One ( put things into perspective a little ) I was very happy with the speed increase from this board compared to the one, it felt like I was gliding across the water, was perfect for what I was looking for as far as the speed increase goes. I also had the opportunity to try this new board behind a brand new RZ2 Tige :) Lucky me, as far as a quick review for that boat and the wake is HOLY CRAP. That wake is perfect! I have never been launched and booted so easily I was def. reaching new heights! The Bill board had alot of pop as well for being a continuous board. If you have a chance to watch Adam Errington, the pop he gets with this board is not exagerated at all... I barely was trying and was getting very decent height.. This thing also just LOCKS in when you hit your edge. I let my buddy try it and me and him could tell a HUGE difference with the lock this board had compared to his board when he edged for his raley. He just cruised into the wake! ... I think I even have him making a purchase for this set up this week now :) Very great board for anyone looking for a decently fast board with pretty dang good pop!

PS I will be hitting a slider this upcoming weekend, Let you all know how that rides out with the Bill, Im sure ill be impressed!

Thanks again Ronix for another fantastic set up!

06-22-2010 4:53 PM

I agree!! I deomoed this board a couple weeks ago on cable and it is amazing! I loved it so much that I am considering buying before even trying it behind the boat. The board slides really well, and it edges really fast and is locked in for air tricks and kickers!!

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