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grant_west 10-16-2013 8:54 AM

Bike Jacker gets JACKED :)
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Brazil : Robbers try and take another guys bike at gun point while a under cover cop stuck in traffic watch the whole thing go down.

phathom 10-16-2013 11:40 AM

The title of that is awesome,
"The biker is assaulted and police out of the car ride and shoot time"

Glad to see the cop saw what was going on and intervened. It looked like he confronted the guy with the gun ready to shoot and when the guy with the gun didn't comply he got shot. Glad to see it worked out for the biker. I'm guessing from the angles it was a helmet cam.

sppeders 10-17-2013 5:41 AM


What truck is that at 50 second mark?

hatepain 10-17-2013 7:47 AM

International version of Ford Ranger I believe.

baitkiller 10-18-2013 2:53 PM

double tap.... nice. I like how they offer no first aid at all. They al just let him squirm and bleed out while the dude with the bike mocks him. Classic justice.

migs 10-18-2013 3:43 PM


jonblarc7 10-21-2013 2:19 PM

I love how the biker at the end is standing over him and pointing at him, I just wish I knew what he was saying.

phathom 10-24-2013 1:23 AM

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^ That one's easy. He was pulling a Chris Tucker

Kwclark 12-07-2013 5:46 PM

Uh was that judge dredd? Guilty! Your sentenced to death?

clubjoe 12-10-2013 12:38 PM

Judge Dredd would have shot better..........
Cop needs to go back to the range..... Front sight and PRESSSSS!!! :cool:

fly135 12-10-2013 1:33 PM

LOL, dude had a gun. Did you expect the cop to give him a massage? Swift justice FTW.

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