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duffymahoney 09-23-2013 12:25 PM

Opposite surf weighting theory
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I played around with my 2005 Tige 24v wave a lot this summer, tried all sorts of configurations. I came up with the best, biggest and strongest wave with this ratio. It includes some opposite side weight with a decent sized crew. I came up with a simple way to use opposite weight and still keep a clean wave. Once we get up to surfing speed and the wave has some wash to it, I just start dumping none surf side until the wave is clean and then stop. Gives the wave so much more meat and bite!

Gotta have 4-5 people. With a small crew the wave will get washy, which I hate and my trick doesn't work, I hate filling sacs on the seat so sac on the seat would also work.

Surf side

1800 Custom full to bursting (which I do everytime, even opens the locker door)
250 Bow v-drive sac (guessing 250 or so pounds in it)
300 Lead under the bow filler cushion (large crew I move this or pull it off the boat
300 Lead surf side on the floor in the rear corner.

Surf Side total 2,650

Opposite Side I fill the custom till the finger is full. Which I calculate is around 500-600 pounds.

I surf around 12.2-12.5 (not gps tested) and taps around 4-4.5. The wave was much taller and so much push. Airs were the best of my life and close to what some of the pros can do. Pretty pumped, but sadly winter is coming now

Pad1Tai 09-24-2013 10:09 AM

Clean Wake........ Nice

JArthurSquid 09-24-2013 12:26 PM

I certainly subscribe to this theory for my boat -- it's a huge night and day difference if I add 350 lbs to the non-surf back corner. Not only does it help keep the boat from planing, but it effectively pushes more of the stern under water, especially the lowest point of the v-hull, which is more displacement going into the wake.

My boat is 21', so I will take any displacement I can get without dunking the rub-rail. I think bigger boats can get away with only weighting one side.

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