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campertime1 08-30-2013 11:36 AM

2012 epic 23v.....wiring issues....dash
I have a 2012 epic 23v.........it was briefly underwater and i purchased the boat....i am not getting power to the dash or back to the starter........all of my switches are working and stereo etc.........any info would help!

boardman74 08-30-2013 12:20 PM

I hope you got a smoking deals. Submerged vehicle very often have electrical problems for the rest of their days. Start from the battery and work forward. A wiring diagram will be your friend.

joesell 08-30-2013 3:17 PM

There's a circuit breaker on top of the engine near the front (back of boat). Make sure it's not popped. There's also a fusible link on the starter. It's the little white block on the starter that the wires are hooked up to. Disconnect the wires and check for continuity. If that blows, it'll give you the symptoms your describing.

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