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slowwwflowww 03-15-2014 5:29 PM

1988 mastercraft prostar
http://burlington.craigslist.org/boa/4330147766.html i'm hoping this link works.So if I loaded this boat down what kind of a wake could I get?It;s got a 454 390hp

Dmac420sj 03-15-2014 6:38 PM

Huuuuuge bro!! Actually I have no idea just wanted to say that. Lol gots plenty of power though

slowwwflowww 03-15-2014 6:44 PM

Ya I was thinking with that power I could really load it down'just not sure what the wAKE WOULD BE LIKE.

brithunsicker 03-15-2014 9:23 PM

I have an 89 with the 351. Bottom line is the boat wasn't designed for a big wake. Having the larger motor will help you out a little bit and you'll be able to load it a little bit more than I can load mine. I used to strictly wakeboard behind my boat for 4 or 5 years and thought it had a pretty good wake, until I started riding with other people who have v-drives. An empty v-drive has just as big if not bigger wake with a better shape than my boat loaded with 1000 lbs.

polarbill 03-15-2014 9:35 PM

I have doubts about about a 390hp 454 unless it is newer. Most standard 454's of that era were 330hp I believe. That said it doesn't matter. A 454 in a prostar 190 is complete overkill. Like Brit said it wasn't designed to make a wake. It was designed to have no wake. Who knows, the hull shape may make a huge wake wake with enough weight. The problem is those are so low profile that you will sink it before you find out.

A positive is those era Mastercrafts were built like tanks and unlike pretty much everybody else at the time they didn't use wood(the kind that was really crappy and rotted).

slowwwflowww 03-16-2014 6:01 AM

Good info thanks.

slowwwflowww 03-16-2014 6:13 AM

https://www.onlyinboards.com/App_The...to/222869.jpeg Anyone have any knowledge about this boat?V-drive and close to me.22 ft,,but never heard of it.Century Coronado.$7,500.00

slowwwflowww 03-16-2014 6:42 AM

ok I thought I seen that type boat somewhere.I've seen them on our lake cruising along sounding real niceI believe all wood?Anyone ever weighted one before?

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