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JustinH13 09-19-2019 4:36 PM

Can Changing Props Affect the Size of the Wake?
I've got a 2000 Super Air Nautique and run about 2500-3000 plus pounds of additional weight. The boat has long struggled to plane off pretty quickly and the cruise control has also, at times, struggled to hold good speed.

So, after speaking with ACME, I decided to upgrade to what they suggested and got a 2570. NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE! The boat holds speed better but especially planes off much much faster.

However, it does seem though that the size of the week, with the new bigger prop, is a little bit smaller and does not have quite the same "kick" to it. Maybe it's just all in my head and everything is the same except what I stated about holding speed and planing off better.

Has anyone experienced a smaller wake in changing props?

tre 09-19-2019 4:53 PM

I assume you are talking about wakeboarding since the boat does not plane when surfing. Is it possible you were holding speed so poorly with the old prop that you were .2 to .4 mph under the set speed? I'm thinking you are going slightly faster now which made the wake smaller. I'm just guessing. Maybe someone else can provide a batter answer.

hunter991 09-20-2019 1:17 AM

The prop isn't going to change the wake necessarily, what it does do is gets you on plane or to your desired speed faster (more low end) to hold the boat at surfing speeds. It allows you to add weight to the boat and the pop you need to move that weight.

simplej 09-22-2019 1:27 AM

Yes it can absolutely change the wake, our roost got smaller with the bigger props, and surf wave got more curl on the port starboard side with the rotation.

The bigger props generate more torque and can rotate the boat a bit, and move more water under the boat which can change the way your boat interacts with the water.

So yes, you may lose a little bit of kick. Or you may get a bit more kick. Depends on the boat

roosm 09-22-2019 8:03 PM

The new prop might have more or less rake than the old prod. Essentially making it more prone to elevate the bow or the stern of the boat.
At least this is true for outboard props when running speed boats. =) I would expect the same to at least have some kind of effect even for inboards.
And as said it might generate more or less side-torque. Generally a higher pitched prop should create more sideways torque. But a larger diameter could also affect this.

So try shifting the weight around (both bow-to-stern and side-to-side) and see if you get the same result as before.
Or add more weight... =)

brhanley 09-23-2019 8:54 AM

What altitude are you at? What RPMs do you run fully loaded? What's top speed?

Years ago, ACME recommended the 13.5" low-pitched prop (1578) for the 210 as the most aggressive. I was told a 14" prop was not advisable as it was too close to the hull. But, I've also heard others have used a 14" prop to success. I think the larger diameter prop would allow a higher speed and to run at lower RPMs at speed...which is nice.

I don't have direct experience with the 210 as I've been running that prop for 12 years, but I have experienced props affecting the boat wake on other boats. Don't know the physics behind it but that previous experience it made things washy.

Maybe play around with the weight distribution as others noted.

denverd1 09-24-2019 7:49 AM

I think you're running truer to target speed than you were. slow it down a bit. may need to adjust weight setup to get the old kick back, but should be doable

JustinH13 09-25-2019 2:57 AM

Thanks to all who replied. I'm still tinkering with the weight distribution after putting on the new prop. All I do is wakeboard; rarely wakesurf.

- I was running about 200 KDW for cruise control before the new prop. I assume I should lower that I now have the bigger prop on? If so, what should I lower KDW to?

- brhanley, I think I'm running a little under 4,000 RPMs. I'm in SC and altitude on my lake is about 750 feet.

Anymore thoughts?

skiboarder 09-25-2019 4:21 AM

I'm with denverd1. I experienced this on a buddies X-Star years ago and we decided that we were running a little bit truer on speed--We weren't pulling the boat down as much on our approach. I'd fiddle with the speed a bit. You can probably run a little slower.

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