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txstang125 04-20-2019 2:08 PM

Help on picking a boat
Iím looking at buying our first wakeboarding boat I have a few Iím looking at And wanted to see if anyone had any experience riding behind them.

- 2001 Centurion Concourse v-drive , has 900 hours and custom wake plates on each side of the cut away. Is 900 hours to much ?

-1998 master craft pro star 205, has 314 hours on a lt1 corvette engine

-1995 Malibu sunsetter

-1997 21i Tige

Any info would be greatly appreciated

tre 04-20-2019 3:33 PM

Do you have it narrowed down to those 4 or are you open to others? Will you surf or ski or just wakeboard? budget?

txstang125 04-20-2019 3:46 PM

Budget is 12k the boats listed are the ones in the budget and available in my area (Texas) . Yes I’m open to others and we will be wakeboarding majority of the time and surfing some , no skiing

txstang125 04-20-2019 3:56 PM

The centuron is only one with high hours all the others are under 400 hours .

simplej 04-20-2019 6:38 PM

205 hands down.

tripsw 04-21-2019 3:32 PM

From these the 205 without a doubt, but I'd also try to find a Sport Nautique or (if you're patient and/or lucky enough) Super Sport Nautique.

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