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radrachel 01-19-2012 10:52 PM

Did I Break A Rib? (Wakeboarders Would Know, Right?)
Thought that wakeboarders would be the best people I know to ask about this:

How do you know when you've broken a rib vs bruised a rib? One of those has definitely happened. What do I do to fix it, do I HAVE to go get an x-ray/see a dr, how long til it heals, and you know, anything else?

I didn't even get hurt wakeboarding! It was from forcing my big boobs into roller coaster harnesses all day! In Busch Gardens defense, the guy working Kumba DID tell me I could easily break a rib by doing that. Also, I aways have my hands up for the entire ride, so I am 100% using the harness to support me.

dakid 01-19-2012 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by radrachel (Post 1726743)
Thought that wakeboarders would be the best people I know to ask about this:

actually, doctors would be the best.

gnarslayer 01-19-2012 11:45 PM

iv broken a few... it kinda sucked, i just had a really hard time breathing, could only take half breaths... not much to be done i just kinda got wrapped up for support. i only fractured 3 of them though none were complete breaks

jason_ssr 01-20-2012 5:58 AM

XRay is the only way to "know". but honestly it doesnt matter, as the treament for either is exactly the same. Dont do stuff that makes it hurt and let it heal on its own. nothing else you can do. Its not like they can put a cast on it.

bruizza 01-20-2012 11:32 AM

I went into my doc this summer because I had either bruised or broken a few ribs. He didn't even bother taking x rays. He said they only do that if it is obviously broken. Like a point sticking out. He literally said you might have a few cracked but they are definitely bruised. There isn't much you can do. Wrap them up and apply heat and cold.

mjfan23 01-20-2012 11:36 AM

Maybe cracked... Unfortunately theres hardly anything you can do. It will fuse back together in time

Laker1234 01-20-2012 1:17 PM

The doctor told my buddy not to wrap his because wrapping causes some type of growth restriction. I can't remember all of the details but the new mehod is just to stick it out and and let time do the rest.

bruizza 01-20-2012 1:19 PM

Oh I also strai Ed/pulled the. Uncle under my ribs. I think that part hurt more than the bruised/cracked ribs.

colorider 01-21-2012 10:27 AM

Sounds like you may have a broken rib , but to be sure I need to see the big boobs.
For medical diagnosis purposes of course.

baitkiller 01-21-2012 11:06 AM

Checked her profile and yep. They're bigguns all right.

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