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phatboypimp 01-28-2008 12:38 PM

I have narrowed my choices to a 2004 or later X-Star or X-2 (only considering used boats, not new). Now I haven't spent a lot of time in either boat, just wanted to know if anyone that has spent time in these boats has pros/cons of each model as I begin to seriously look for a new boat. <BR> <BR>I know that everyone will tell me to buy a Sanger or a Supra or whatever, but I have narrowed my personal preferences to these two boats...in my mind it is simply a size difference at this point. Any input at all would be appreciated, especially if there is something I should look out for in particular model years (especially related to options). <BR> <BR>I appreciate your thoughts and advice.

wpstevenson 01-28-2008 1:13 PM

2004 and 2005 X2 is a 205v the 2006 up x2 is the new hull pickle fork front like the 2004 up xstar. I have had the new hull X2's the last 3 years and love it. Need to get out on both of them and see what you like and fits your needs.

joshbuzz 01-28-2008 1:17 PM

How much room do you need? What options are you looking for? What do you do behind the boat the most? Don't forget about engine options!! Congrats on the MC choice, you won't be disappointed!!

01-28-2008 1:18 PM

i have an 05 xstar with mcx 350 hp. i absolutely love it. i would try to get an 05 or later xstar because you get throttle by wire and swivel board racks standard. the mcx is enough power but get the oj 14.25 X 14 edge prop. i also got the newer rudder upgrade. i also got perfect pass to send me a new chip for the control and the perfect pass works beautifully. <BR> <BR>prior to that boat i had an older style xstar and it threw a tremendous wake. that boat went on to be called the X2 and is now called the X1. if you are talking about the "old" X2 then that is the old Xstar and it is a killer boat. <BR> <BR>i have not ridden behind the newer style X2, aka-baby xstar but i have read on this forum that the boat takes a lot of weight to create a good wake. someone who owns one or has ridden often in the newer X2 might can shed some light on this hull. <BR> <BR>I am trading my 05 Xstar for an 08 Xstar with 450 hp engine. my old boat will be for sale at Memphis boat center. ask for hart robinson, owner. it has been meticulously kept and is going to make someone a very happy owner. e-mail or pm me if you want more info on it. it is red and black. my 08 will be the same color scheme. it is gorgeous and runs like a top. 400 hours. fresh water only. kept in specially built insullated/heated boat shed.

themxercr85 01-28-2008 1:27 PM

I have an 07 Xstar and I love it. We have the 8.1 and it pulls out of the hull like none other, 525 ft lbs of tq <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

01-28-2008 2:08 PM

hey twitch, what prop does your 07 xstar have on it. i changed my prop to the 14.25 X 14 and made a big difference. that might be too much prop for the L18 however. just curious. i believe the xstar can't be beat if you can find a good deal on a used one. plus, they just look good. they are very sexy looking boats especially considering they are slow speed tow boats.

mvl 01-28-2008 3:12 PM

I have an 04 and LOVE IT!!! Tons of room, soft as silk ride and although it looks it, it really doesn't feel that big when on the water. 04's do not have swivel racks, so if thats important go 05 and up. I also went with an Acme prop, 14.5x14.25 and it is awesome. I was running around 3800-4500 RPM's when at wakeboarding speed (V-drives in the back, 500lbs in front) with the old stock prop 13.7/17 I think. When I made the switch, it gets out of the hole much quicker and the RPM's hold fast at around 3800-4000, so sligtly better fuel economy. No top end at all, but I rarely go over 35 anyway. You will love either one. The 06 and up X-2 does not have much room in front and less storage in back. About the same seating space though.

themxercr85 01-28-2008 4:10 PM

Star Star, To be honest, i really dont know <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>, I know, it bad, but I never really looked into that even though i read that a lot of people switched. Its whatever prop came with it if that helps?? sorry. But you also have the MCX, maybe it makes a big difference for the mcx than the L18?

grant_west 01-28-2008 5:56 PM

Buy Jerry's X2 its all set up ready to go.

phatboypimp 01-28-2008 6:09 PM

Thanks for the comments. This will be my third MC, so I have a little bit of brand loyalty <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>. <BR> <BR>I haven't decided on the powerplant, but the 8.1 sounds like overkill to me? Is the 8.1 the best option? <BR> <BR>Is the stock ballast good enough for wake and surf? Is one better than the other? I don't ever want to see another ballast bag on the floor of my boat. As I am getting older I am doing less boarding and more surfing, but I want to be able to throw a great wake for those younger kids out there and when I feel like hurting myself. So #1 wakeboarding, #2 is surfing, #3 tubing (totally kidding), #4 powerturning (kidding again) #5 is skiing. <BR> <BR>I spend a lot of time in my boat, whether it is crusing, boarding (I still ski but don't tell anyone), surfing or socializing, which is why I am leaning towards the later model x-star. We tend to have quite a few peeps on board on a regular basis. I am still trying to figure out all of the models X-2, X-1, X-Star....Is there a website where I can figure all of this out? <BR> <BR>Swivel racks are key, so now I am 05 and later. Not too worried about top speed, hole shot is more important. This is my first v-drive as I have gone the direct drive route in the past primarily for skiing reasons. <BR> <BR>Perfect Pass is preferred over the mastercraft wanna-be, but I have heard it has improved. But it is a must have option. I would like the fiberglass swimstep, shower is nice but not a must have, would like removeable carpet - not sure if/when that was an option, stereo system will be completely redone if there is one, must have dual axle trailer. <BR> <BR>Mark (MVL) which model do you have?

themxercr85 01-28-2008 6:14 PM

For surfing with an x-star you will need extra ballast. Are you goofy or regular? I am goofy so i surf right side. Last summer i called my dealer and they gave me some tips. Dont use stock ballast tanks, and load the WHOLE side, not jsut the rear, i had around 3k lbs on the starboard side, and weighting the front was important too.

04outback 01-28-2008 7:12 PM

I have ridden behind Star Star's boat.. It is great. Sleeps in heated garage year round. Very Clean... Great wake.. Will make someone a great boat.

bob_l 01-28-2008 7:59 PM

I assume you are talking about the picklefork design but you mentioned that you wanted to figure out the model differences. The current X1 was originally the 205(1996-2000) and here is how that turned into other models over the years: <BR>205V (1999-2005), MartiStar 205 VRS (1999), X-Star (1998-2002), X-2 (2003-2005) and X-1 (2006-present). Soooo the X1 has also been known as the X2 and XStar - in years past. <BR> <BR>The Pickle Fork X-Star came out in 03/04 (I think) and the Pickle Fork X2 came out in 05/06 (as stated by WPS).

mvl 01-29-2008 7:05 AM

Sorry, my bad. X-Star, 04, 22'3" picklefork. As for options, yes, 05 is when you get swivel racks. This model as well as the other new ones has snap out carpet as well. Option wise, I know that the X-Star package comes with certain features to make it a little different. It comes standard with PP Wakeboard Pro, amp and sub. Not sure about a heater, I think I just see a lot of them with a heater, but it might also be included in the package. Otherwise I think 05 was the year that MC went to JL audio in the X-star, so that would be the other reason to go 05 vs. 04. <BR> <BR>For surfing, I'd recommend a little weight, either people or additional ballast. Coming from a smaller DD, it'll be bigger no matter what. As for wakeboarding, again, it'll be a dramatic difference compared to what you're used to. The beauty is that the more weight, the bigger it gets and just holds the perfect shape. I'm a believer for sure dude.

mvl 01-29-2008 7:08 AM

oh yeah, depending on your elevation the 8.1 would be ok. If you don't NEED it, and are not loading the boat down all the stinkin' time, then save your money and use the aforementioned OJ or Acme prop (I have MCX). If worried about it, for a little extra go to the LQ9 (385hp). Again, elevation is the key. Good hunting.

xaggie 01-29-2008 12:48 PM

I love the 8.1 in my Star. When you have 600lbs of stereo gear and batteries, full tank of gas, stock ballast and 10 people in the boat believe me you won't regret the extra ponies. Also just an FYI Mark the LQ9 is gone it's been replaced by the 400 hp LY6 as of last year.

jarrod 01-29-2008 12:51 PM

8.1 in the Xstar rules. Big boat, big wake, big power, and small boat handling. It doesn't get any better.

badknees 01-29-2008 1:02 PM

The mcx is 350 horse, while the LY6 is 400 horse. Anybody have the torque numbers for those engines? I can't seem to find them.

themxercr85 01-29-2008 8:18 PM

All I know is the 8.1 has 525lbs of kick!

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