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mwaken 01-28-2006 3:21 PM

In case you didn't read the article just wanted to say how sick these seat covers are. Protects against rips, sun, dogs, people, everything. Completly removable and washable. Hit up Mark at his website <a href="http://www.primalmp.com" target="_blank">www.primalmp.com</a> or check out the article under wake news. Later.

airwarrior04 01-30-2006 4:03 PM

Yeah are they sick i wish they made some for Centurions

nauty_tique 01-30-2006 5:50 PM

Those look awesome, Does anyone know if they have a universal kit, or something to fit nautique(2001 hull) I didn't see it listed. Curious if they soak up water and stay wet though, states "towel material" looks like that would be a pain to a dry passenger.

tommyc 01-30-2006 5:52 PM

They make them for all makes. You just have to get your boat fitted. Thats what they did for me and I love them.

airwarrior04 01-30-2006 6:03 PM

Hey well i called them and he said they could measure a boat you would just have to bring it some where. Sounds cool. Tommy C where did you take your boat? Was it outside? My dad just doesn't want the chance of the amps and stuff getting stolen.

airwarrior04 01-30-2006 6:10 PM

Are they machine washable?

litlone873 01-30-2006 8:44 PM

Were these at the Pleasanton Boat show? I saw something like it there. It looked like terry cloth and seemed that it would be a huge trap for water which could end up staying wet and mildewing especially in the corners and creases in between the seats. <BR> <BR>Anyone had issues with this?

jarrod 01-30-2006 9:28 PM

Tom's boat is in the Neptune Audio booth right next to CWB. His boat is all done up with this stuff. Looks nice for the winter.

airwarrior04 01-30-2006 9:43 PM

I noticed that boat from some where. <BR>Thanks J-Rod.

brianmiller 01-30-2006 10:38 PM

I have seen these first hand. They are awesome. They easily come on and off so you can wash them and so you can let them dry between sessions. <BR> <BR>It's especially great if you have kids. Don't have to worry so much about what they are eating and drinking if you keep them on the seats. <BR> <BR>I will get them, when I get a SAN this Spring.

kevin_bird 01-30-2006 10:41 PM

yeah im getting them on my xstar this year

twakess 01-30-2006 10:54 PM

looks like a good Idea. I just wonder if they will get the wet suit funk. Seems like you would need to take them off every time out and let them dry out. If any of you can think back to when MB did wet suit material on their seats it just became a stinky mess.

hillbilly 01-31-2006 6:03 AM

Hi Squid!!!!

unclejessie 01-31-2006 10:36 AM

Hey Everyone, <BR> <BR>I just saw this thread and thought I should jump in. <BR> <BR>Yes, these are machine washable. <BR> <BR>As far as the seats becomming a stinky mess... when the boat is home, the covers need to be removed and dried. Removing them takes just a few minutes. <BR> <BR>When I camp, we hang them off the tower to dry. During the day, when the temp is near 80, they will dry in just an hour or so. When I drive home form the lake\river, I keep them on to trap all the rode grime. When I get home I wash and dry them, and then put them back on so when I am ready to go, so are they. <BR> <BR>The covers are designed with lycra material between the seats... not terry. This allows that area to dry quicker and not trap in moisture. <BR> <BR>I always dry the vinyl between the cushions when the boat is done for a few days anyway. This should still be done. Moisture between the cushions is the #1 place people forgot to clean, or don't maintain. <BR> <BR>Send me email at <a href="mailto:info@primalmp.com">info@primalmp.com</a> for more information. <BR> <BR>Thank you. <BR> <BR>Mark <BR><a href="mailto:info@primalmp.com">info@primalmp.com</a> <BR><a href="http://www.primalmp.com" target="_blank">www.primalmp.com</a>

acurtis_ttu 01-31-2006 12:54 PM

Reminds me of the plastic wrapped couches.....just wipe down your seats after every time out and apply some sort of protectant once a month. In 5 years I've never had big issues with taking care of my vinyl. And I would classify my boat as heavy use. Seems like more hassle to me (taking on/ off , washing, drying, ect.) Easy to me is handing two friends a towel and saying wipe down the interior. All just my opinion. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by acurtis_ttu on January 31, 2006)

mwaken 01-31-2006 2:53 PM

I can't say it enough: these things are awesome. As far as maintenance they are super simple to remove and clean; just throw them in with your other towels. It protects against sun-fading, rips, and stains; things that are irreversable once they happen. If you have a new boat it is well worth the cost to protect your vinyl, or it covers up worn and torn seats as well. As far as making them for other models if he gets enough inquiries about a certain model Im sure he will have it available very soon. Just shoot him an e-mail and ask. Later.

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