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BTUFF 07-01-2019 7:17 AM

2008 VLX vs. 2017 G23 - Is it worth the upgrade?
Part 1:

Part 2:

Matt0520 08-22-2019 4:12 AM

LOVE the colors on that 23

fly135 08-31-2019 3:02 PM

I jumped to the end of part 2 to hear him basically say they are comparable. I didn't watch it all because it was only about wakesurfing. From a wakeboarding perspective I don't find the 2 boats even in the same ball park. The G23 is an awesome wake. My friend with a VLX once commented that I never complained about his wake until I started riding the G23. The difference is literally like a tiny kicker compared to a Unit XL at the cable park.

Wakingrealtor85 11-26-2019 11:24 AM

Fly135 Check your inbox please!

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