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wakeworld 10-21-2003 4:56 PM

Last year we got about 12 people together and hit the lake for a day of Wakesurfing with the Inland Surfer board models and had a great time learning about this fun sport (<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/articles/2002/wakesurfing.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/articles/2002/wakesurfing.asp</a>). This year, we want to do another wakesurfing day, but we plan to get as many different models of boards as we can get our hands on so that everyone can try whatever they want. So far the list of boards in our quiver is as follows, but we hope to add more... <BR> <BR>- Inland surfer Green Room, Blue Lake and Red Chubby <BR>- Liquid Force Skimskate (and possibly a new model) <BR>- Phase Five Prop and Icon <BR>- Trick Boardz <BR>- Hyperlite Landlock and Broadcast <BR> <BR>We're also going to try to run at least two boats so that we can accommodate as many people as possible. The event will happen on closing day at Lake San Vicente, which is Sunday, November 2. We'll get there at sunrise and stay as long as people are surfing or until it gets dark, whichever comes first. <BR> <BR>Please RSVP to <a href="mailto:gobig@wakeworld.com">gobig@wakeworld. com</a> if you can make it at any time that day so that we can plan this out as much as possible. Obviously, we'll only be making so many trips to the dock, so we'll try to set up arrival times that everyone can agree on. There is no charge and space is limited. I hope to see you there.

todd_g 10-22-2003 7:28 PM

dont forget to include the todd gabele pro model FLYING SAUCER along for the ride

sdboardr99 10-22-2003 7:59 PM

Dave we should have at least one SAN out there for those goofy folks, like you. <BR> <BR>

wakeworld 10-22-2003 11:11 PM

I didn't include the Flying Saucer on the list because I wasn't sure what to call it. However, that's a great wakesurf board that I recommend everybody try. <BR> <BR>As far as boats go, we've got the Malibu LSV and your Tige for now. There is a boat company that wants to bring some boats out, but I'm not sure we want to turn this into a big promo deal, so we'll see what will work best for the riders.

alan_bogdanoff 10-23-2003 6:50 PM

I guesse one of the boats will be weighted down for goofy footers right? <BR>You know If Natiques wants to bring a boat down - it would be real nice for us goofy peolpe, because the prop turns the oppisite way from that of all the other boats, which makes for a sick wake on the right side. <BR>But we should be fine with the LSV and Tige!! <BR>Your right David - don't turn this thing into a big promo thing. <BR>Let's just ride, and have fun!!

wakeworld 10-23-2003 6:55 PM

Alan, that's a good point that Bill made as well. I'm going to try to get a Nautique out there instead of the Malibu. Thanks for the input guys!

norcal_99 10-23-2003 8:56 PM

Alan, If you go down I'll go along with if there's room. <BR> <BR>

alan_bogdanoff 10-23-2003 10:36 PM

Rene, <BR>There is Always room for you. <BR>Keep in mind I have a 8 month old traveling with us. I'm planning on leaving Friday and making a wekend out of it with the family. <BR>Call me 650 650 537 1201. <BR>And we can work out the details. <BR>But let's role!!! <BR>Call me. <BR>

wakeripper 10-24-2003 9:57 AM

Dave, <BR>Check your e-mail. I'm in and so is my girlfriend. I will definitely ride and she just might come along for some sun if that's cool. I do have to say that i'm sure she will ride too and be just like Paula....you'll have a hard time tearing the board out her hands.

wakeworld 10-24-2003 3:57 PM

Alright, the crowd is starting to build. Plus we're probably going to have Jeff Page from Inland Surfer and Larry Mann from Trick Boardz both flying out to the event. I think this is going to be a fun day. <BR> <BR>Can you give me some input on how we should handle everybody? I was thinking that we'd set up a beach with a canopy and some drinks so that everybody could hang out and check out the boards in between rides. Plus anybody who's out on the boat for the day can stop by. <BR> <BR>If we set up on one of the beaches to the right of the dock (as you're looking at the lake, around the bend from the dam) it will be easy to ferry people back and forth. Then we can pretty much do our entire surfing deal in that cove right there. Any other ideas? <BR> <BR>Remember, this is free to everybody, so get come on out and join us!!

alan_bogdanoff 10-24-2003 4:19 PM

David, <BR>Maybe more boats will be the answer. <BR>If your running just two boats, it could get a little tight.

wakeworld 10-24-2003 6:24 PM

It looks like we're going to add a Super Air to the mix and we'll add more as we get more people. Right now we're still working on filling the two. <BR> <BR>Folks, I also forgot to mention that Alan Bogdanoff of Alan Bogdanoff Wake MFG will be coming out as well with his new board that's about to go into production. Sorry for leaving you out, Alan.

alan_bogdanoff 10-24-2003 9:35 PM

No worries David, <BR>But to make things clear: My new boards are still being made over seas, But I will bring my in production wakesurf boards. <BR>I hope you guys will enjoy it! <BR>

wakelvr 10-24-2003 10:13 PM

Alan: I would love to ride one of your boards again! That one I rode last time is my all time favorite! Have you decided if you are in for this Sunday or not? Shoot me an email...

alan_bogdanoff 10-24-2003 10:44 PM

Stefani, <BR>If I get the O.K.(by my wife) to bail church again this Sunday, My game is on. <BR>What time and place again? <BR>I'll shoot you an email. <BR>

alan_bogdanoff 10-24-2003 10:56 PM

David, <BR>Nice job with getting the Natique to show! <BR>The goofy people will truly be stocked on that one!! <BR>The Nautiques definetly throw a better wake for the right foot foreward - front side crew. <BR>Good on you!

greatdane 10-24-2003 11:25 PM

I checked out those photos and the are great! <BR> <BR>But, the wave can be built much bigger. And, the fun is proportional! The wave behind my setter was huge by comparison. 600 lbs in the rear locker, 400 lbs of lead under the side rear seat, and a full mls. Give it a try!

sdboardr99 10-25-2003 12:06 AM

dane, are you talking about the photos from the link that Dave posted? If so then you are absolutely correct - it was the first time any of us had wakesurfed and we really were just experimenting with the weight. I know it took me a while to figure out the best weight distribution in my Tige but now I have it dialed. <BR>

greatdane 10-25-2003 12:26 AM

Ya Bill. I am talking about Dave's photos. <BR> <BR>It also took some time for me to get the wave dialed. We had a week at shasta where we played with 400 lbs of lead and many sacks. In the end we concluded that weight as far to the side and rear was the best. Lead worked best because it was easy to get the weight at the edge of the boat.

sdboardr99 10-25-2003 12:36 AM

I have a v-drive so it's easy to get the weight in the back and I usually have about 800# of water weight plus a couple of guys and this is how the wake looks: <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/559019/86872.jpg" alt="Kele surfing"> <BR> <BR>For reference, Kele is about 5'11". <BR>

greatdane 10-25-2003 1:02 AM

Thats a sweet wave!

sdboardr99 10-28-2003 11:03 PM

I think it's safe to assume that this event will be cancelled. Apparently San Vicente won't be open this weekend and people have other things to worry about. Since it's the last weekend that San V is open maybe we can reschedule in the coming weeks at Lake Perris, Lake Elsinore, or Canyon Lake. Or maybe we wait until spring <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>

wakeworld 10-29-2003 1:54 PM

That's correct. We're going to be postponing the Wakesurfing Day. Right now I'm not sure when it will be, but I'll keep you posted. I apologize for the inconvenience, but even if the lake is open, it will be tough for most people to make it out because of the problems caused by the fires.

sdorovi 10-29-2003 4:01 PM

Just a thought, I know nobody's really thinking about this event or any other, but you guys may think about getting some sort of event like this to go on anyways and make it a fundraising event for the relief effort. Also if anybody has some spare time you can volunteer to go and help the red cross with the relief effort.

sdboardr99 10-29-2003 6:51 PM

What about moving it to Lake Elsinore? Anyone interested? It might be a good thing to get the SoCal wakeboarding community together after such a tough week. <BR> <BR>

alan_bogdanoff 10-29-2003 8:14 PM

Bill, <BR>You have a great idea, but I think after the blood bath that happened this week in socal - everybodies mind is in survival mode. <BR>Like "sdorovi doscu" posted - It may also be a good idea, and have a fund raiser as well! <BR>Let's see what happens. But I do think it is too soon. Maybe in a month or so. Let's see what David Williams has to say.

obsurfer 10-29-2003 8:14 PM

Is Mission Bay out of the question?

sdboardr99 10-29-2003 8:16 PM

The problem is that in a month or so the lakes will be COLD and fewer people will be interested. I understand why Dave and others might want to postpone though. Of course it's not necessary to do it now and maybe there will be even more board choices next spring. <BR>

alan_bogdanoff 10-29-2003 9:56 PM

You gought a point there Bill J. <BR>

sdorovi 10-29-2003 10:15 PM

Yeah but seems like everybodies kind of unsure of what their situation is right now maybe waiting at least one more week would be a good idea. <BR> <BR>Alan maybe instead you could talk to some of the guys and get something going on the Delta. Like maybe even something like everyone gives a little donation when launching there boat. See if you can rally the norcal wakeboard community together to support the socal efforts. Again just a thought,don't mean to lay this on your shoulders Al, but your in communication with more of the guys than I am,plus I work this Saturday.

sdboardr99 10-31-2003 1:58 AM

Well it seems like mother nature prefers us to postpone anyway. No sense making going thru a big effort to put it on this weekend only to have it rained out. <BR>

kramer 11-16-2003 7:25 PM

Hey its Kramer from wakesurfing. I realized when I got home that I left my full suit on the beach and I was hoping that someone picked it up. That would be awesome. Thanks

wakeworld 11-17-2003 12:22 AM

I think I've got it. O'Neil full suit?

priapism 11-17-2003 1:19 PM

David, <BR> <BR>Are you going to do an article or post picks from yesterday. Thanks for hosting the event, I had a good time.

wakeworld 11-17-2003 1:32 PM

Yes, we'll definitely put up a photo gallery and an article in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everybody who came out. It was a great day and we all had a lot of fun!

kramer 11-17-2003 6:31 PM

David- <BR>It is a O'Neil full suit with a rip on the chest. Thanks so much for picking it up. What would be the best way for me to get it? Thanks to everyone, I had a blast!

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