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jay_g 07-07-2010 9:44 PM

Wedding Photographer Fail

hyperlite 07-08-2010 6:21 AM

id be soooo pissed

skull 07-08-2010 7:35 AM

Man,that sucks. That poor 70-200 and two bodies took a bath. Poor guy probably damaged 5K+ worth of gear.

mattgettel 07-08-2010 7:41 AM

that just made me sick to my stomach

alans 07-08-2010 8:58 AM

It might be ok. I dunked a D700 with a 70-200 and kept right on shooting with no issues a year later.

bradlovellphotography 07-09-2010 7:41 AM

I couldn't imagine. Perfect example to make sure you have insurance.

flexphoto12 07-09-2010 9:01 PM

just testing the weather sealing

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