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willyc2014 01-23-2014 3:35 PM

Ballast setup for 98' Prostar 190?
First off i know its a slalom boat. But its what i have to work with. Planning on experimenting with the weight a lot more this summer. Its a small boat so I know i have to be careful. I also know i cant slam it with a few thousand #s and be on my way, thats a pretty good way to sink it.

I have two 350#s on either side of engine box and about 300#s of sand bags in back, looking for ballast bags, and to get rid of most of the sand bags (huge pain in the a**). Any suggestions on placement? I know i can put weight in the bow. Just want to know how much is too much?

boardman74 01-23-2014 4:02 PM

If you have 1000 lbs in the back of a 190 I'm thinking your already at the too much mark. Normally direct drives are about a 2:1 back to front ration. So if you had 100 in the back you'd want 500 in the front. I'd say more like 700 in the back and try the 300 in sand in the front. I wouldn't want to have 1500 in that boat. I had one years ago growing up, but before wake boarding. I know they don't do well for wake even when weighted. That is a true ski hull and resists making a wake. Its not like the 2001. But I know with 5-6 people in there is got low and you had to watch what your doing. I can't imagine it with 1000 lbs in the back and people. Be careful!!

willyc2014 01-23-2014 4:52 PM

Thanks for the reply, I guess thats why you don't see many of these boats on WW. I dont think I will put much more than a 1000# with only 2-3 people. I guess I should try to look for something like a 2001 instead of sink what i have.

polarbill 01-23-2014 7:05 PM

The 98 is the first year of that hull design isn't it? If you happen to have the same hull as the 95-97(I think it ended in 97) than it is basically the the same hull design as the 205V hull but smaller and with a direct drive. With the right weight distribution it should throw a great wake. Seeing how by most accounts the 205V likes a 50/50 or 60/40 front/back I would think the 190 hull would be good with 50/50 or 40/60 front/rear.

Now if you have the hull that they ended up adding those weird fill in pieces to the spray pockets than I have no idea.

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