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dakid 01-07-2011 6:03 AM

the governator commute prison sentence
anyone here about this? thoughts?


ottog1979 01-07-2011 10:16 AM

Yeah. Just more proof, in my opinion, that there's mostly little difference between Republicans and Democrats. The both used different platforms to sell themselves into power, but in office they all are too similar. I was an Arnold believer and supporter early on but have been very disappointed as time has gone on. His last moves in office show how the power of being in office corrupts or at least eventually influences everyone, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, into the same "school" of thought and action. Arnold originally ran as the outsider, one who would try to change the system, buck cronyism, etc. In the end, like everyone else, he turned into one of them. Sad for all of us paying for it.

grant_west 01-07-2011 1:59 PM

Im not saying Arnold was just, because I don't know the details. But it sounds like the guy he pardond didnt do the killing but was involved. Last min pardons are nothing new. Look at all the people Clinton took care of as he walked out the door. Im sure Bush did the same thing. I don't think they should have the power to over rule want a court has said.

Hy Jack: The thing I find the WORST about politicians is after 2 terms they get to retire at the same pay they were getting when they were in office. And if the politicians get a pay raise the retierd politicans get a raise! F"ing joke . Who do you think voted or got this into law? I know I didnt vote for it. You can see what kind of bottom feeders would wanna get in office for 2 terms just to ride the Gravy Train. O and by the way they don't have to sign on for Obama Care! They have their own special program! I guess they are so much better than all of us that they need special care!!! F them the whole lott.

wake77 01-07-2011 10:29 PM

Don't be a girly man, vote Republican.

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