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helix_rider 12-21-2006 8:31 PM

Just got the 'Truth' today in the mail. I enjoyed the video, and appreciated a wakeboard vid that I could play without the in-laws commenting on this generations degenerative music (except Lyman's part...that tune didn't go over well) <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>I really loved the super slo-mo shots. I didn't like having 'group or partner' sections so much (i.e. Watson and Bonifay together, etc.) <BR> <BR>I know its cheap thrills, but I always look forward to the wreck section of a video. The Truth was a letdown because I couldn't find it (maybe I'm a dumb#$@). <BR> <BR>No knock on this film, but if you are looking for a last second flick for someone for Christmas, I would say score Delta Sessions 2 for them, it made a bigger impression on me.

mjmurphy53711 12-21-2006 8:37 PM

I saw it tonight, enjoyed it immensely.

tparider 12-21-2006 10:37 PM

My copy is coming tomorrow. Pumped to watch it. I wasn't a huge fan of DS2, so I hope I like it better than that...

entrustclothing 12-21-2006 11:47 PM

the truth steps up filming so much! i wanna be impressed by the editing and shots more than the riding and the truth does that for me!!

dcervenka 12-22-2006 12:44 AM

Did someone say crash section....? ;-)

tparider 12-23-2006 10:26 AM

Watched it last night. Ridiculous.

beastmaster 12-23-2006 4:21 PM

I just got it. It is a really good. Hats off to Justin Stephens

cali_rider 12-24-2006 2:20 PM

please dont say anything im still waiting, but i can only bet it will be one of the best or it will be the best wake film ever. im stoked!

garret_s 12-24-2006 10:31 PM

Great flick. Brother somehow got a copy for me, and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the only wake films that didn't put me to sleep in the middle! <BR> <BR>I was a tad sad about no crash section...unless I am missing something, but the other bonus stuff was great. <BR> <BR>Tino's section was rockin.

orgborn 12-26-2006 11:35 AM

I pre ordered from wakeside,I really like the movie <BR>. <BR> >Dont understand why watson and shane had such a weak section <BR> >Ben greenwoods part is insane as well as lymans <BR> >Its all around a great video besides leaving two of their main guys to a such a small part.

wakeworld 12-26-2006 12:29 PM

Watson and Shane were hurt a good portion of the year, so they didn't have a whole lot of footage of them.

joshugan 12-26-2006 1:36 PM

Greenwood just became one of my favorite riders to watch! His section was great and he is so much fun to watch ride. WOW!!!! <BR> <BR>I thought the Juju bonus part was pretty funny.

garret_s 12-26-2006 7:54 PM

I liked the part about the dock sliding <BR> <BR>"Guess I'll have to ollie higher..."

tylerc 12-26-2006 9:43 PM

Benny, Amber, and Lyman's segments were untouchable. Soven's part was a close second to those three for me. <BR> <BR>Easily the best wake flick I've seen so far. <BR> <BR>JS is sick, hats off to him.

jmuthafnp 12-29-2006 4:51 PM

Some of it was pretty good. I am kind of disappointed though after all of the hype.

12-29-2006 7:43 PM

I thought the editing was sick, I LOVE THE SLO-MO and the soundtrack is pretty tight as well. Overall I thought it was a great movie, still wish it had more on watson and shane but thats understandable.

seattle 12-29-2006 9:32 PM

I just watched it. I loved Ben's section, and absolutely loved the slomo loop in the bonus section. Hands down the coolest slomo action I've seen in a wake video.

wakegenie 12-29-2006 9:38 PM

I just got it today, I really liked the opening along with Lyman's part.

ridealready 12-29-2006 9:50 PM

Gotta love Aaron Reed jumping into a wakeboard. Looks like he was having a great time!!!

merge360 12-29-2006 10:21 PM

Just got it today... Really impressed with the riding from the LF team.... Justin has some great idea's with the editing process... The slo-mo was SICK! Anyone else disappointed when credits started rolling around the 41 minute mark? Thought it could have been just a tad bit longer but overall, great video to have in the library...

wakegenie 12-29-2006 11:19 PM

it did seem short...but I just watched all the credits and bonus features to make up for that feeling

wakedad33 12-30-2006 3:39 PM

Just watched it, very well done. Justin best work IMO, his use of slow motion was the best I've seen. My favorites, Ben Greenwood's section, Amber Wing, Kevin Henshaw on the rails, Shane/Watson, Philp Sovens section (sick) &amp; best shot for me was Phil Combs tail shiffty in slo-mo. Congrats to LF and Justin, you guys nailed it.

outbackls 12-31-2006 7:10 PM

I got my copy just after X-Mas and was a bit let down. Too much hype IMO. Relentless was 10X better. I did like the slo mo work and the editing was good but the sound track was just... bad. Do any of you ride to that music? Ben's section is the best and I'd really like to understand what happened in the Ju Ju section? Anyone have any details on that?

iman21 01-02-2007 9:14 AM

I may get crap for this but The Truth was a let down for me. Ben and Amber's sections were good. Lyman's section didn't really showcase his abilities. The high speed filming was awsome but there could have been more clips. It seemed rushed after 2 years of filming and not that Justin didn't do a great job but the "This is what we go through" section was a turn off.

aliwake 01-02-2007 8:02 PM

I really liked the movie - you can't go past the slow-mos, but the soundtrack really let the whole thing down for me. I want music that gets me hyped to ride!!!!! for that reason i probably won't watch it over and over the way i would with counterfeit this - i was expecting to have a new favourite movie, but CT is still winning for now. <BR>Phillip Soven's section was the one exception for me - great music - awesome riding!!!!

wakerpunk 01-05-2007 9:40 PM

what kind of injuries did watson and shane have during the season?

dave23 01-07-2007 11:25 AM

Watson had a knee injury i think, don't know about Shane though.

lfshane132 01-13-2007 12:07 PM

yeah the truth better get video of the year justin stephens bought a ten thousand dollar camera that was designed by the military to see how a bullet shoots and if u dont believe go ask ben greenwood who is the one who told me DS2 was good to but didnt come close to the truth

criswb 01-13-2007 6:49 PM

I watched the other day.. great vid! the only letdown was that there was no stef tor in the video and melissa and lauren's section was way too short... they could have had a section for each.

andy_nintzel 01-24-2007 8:44 AM

Turns out Tino Santori is the sickest rider LF has! His section is unreal!

captain_542 01-24-2007 10:54 AM

Tino is insane and Henshaw kills rails! he is very simon chamberlain on sliders.

jarrod 01-24-2007 11:33 AM

I agree with the favorites. Huge respect for BG. Tino kills it. Love the slow mo on Sovens Nuclear Whirly. The perspective on the handle position and grab was sick!

breadbutta 01-26-2007 11:07 AM

Just saw it, my son is in the background during the California debut Shane interview. <BR>Dig the Slo-Mo!

cali_rider 01-26-2007 12:15 PM

I havent read all the posts but i have to agree with most but i also have to say that watsons and shanes section was sik, i liked the fact that it was combined. Also kevin h. killed it

breadbutta 01-28-2007 6:20 PM

Juju. <BR> <BR>Although I prefer watching Grubb for his finesse, Aaron Reed is the man.

yeldarb 01-29-2007 7:22 AM

Anyone know of someplace that rents wakeboarding movies? I'd love to see some of these, but 25-30 bucks for a DVD is pretty much out of the question. Gotta save for boat gas this summer <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

robandrus 01-29-2007 1:43 PM

Just watched this first and then bent felix. Felix didn't even come close for me. I know a couple of people didn't like the music, for me the music was great......Not the soundtrack I would pump when I'm ridding, but it did an awesome job of letting the riders showcase....The music in felix is annoying enough in parts to make me skip them. <BR> <BR>Bonus section...JuJu was funny, and odd....Whats the whole story on that? Did they find out why a brand new Malibu sank? <BR> <BR>Cinematography was so far beyond anything I've seen in an action sports video. Awesome. The butter effect held my favorite position for a while but it just got edged out.

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