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manels1111 11-15-2019 11:45 AM

2019 Sanger V215 water leak
So I was getting the new boat ready for the winter. I ran a hose from the cold water intake to a 5 gallon bucket of water with a hose running tap water into it. I also put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank. I then ran the boat at idle for about 10 minutes. Wanted to make sure all brackish water from the california delta was out of the system. Anyhow when I unplugged my hose it spilled about a gallon of water at the bottom of the vdrive compartment. When I jumped out of the boat I noticed a nice trickle of water draining from the drive shaft coming out the bottom of the boat. Is this normal? First time owner. It seemed weird to me as I figured water could get inside that way as well. Also it's going to be parked in a garage and will never even get close to freezing temps. Do you suggest I do anything else for the winter? It already has been hooked up to an onboat promairner battery charging system that keeps both batteries in tip top shape.


CPanner 11-16-2019 2:31 AM

Totally normal. Your prop shaft is water lubricated. If you look there should be a 3/8 hose going from somewhere on your cooling system to your prop shaft.

As for winterizing, are you somewhere that if your garage heater goes out on you for a few days would your garage drop below freezing? If not then don’t worry about it.

manels1111 11-16-2019 4:56 AM

Ok cool thanks for the information. No we might see freezing temps a handful of nights for a couple hours outside but most the time its 60 to 70 during the day.

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