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abadsvt 07-21-2006 7:38 PM

Hello all i decided to go with the skylon rubicon series speakers for my X1. I am undecided on what setup to go with. <BR> <BR>Option 1: <BR>Single 450 in the center with one 150 on each side of the 450's. <BR> <BR>Option 2: <BR>A set of 350's and in the future add lights in between the speakers <BR> <BR>Option 3: <BR>A set of 350's and in between the 350's is a set of 250's. <BR> <BR>Option 4: <BR>A set of 450's. <BR> <BR>The 450's are 2 8" mid with a horn in the middle. <BR>The 350's are 1 8" mid with a horn. <BR>The 250's are 2 6.5"s with 2 little tweeters. <BR>The 150's are 1 6.5" with 1 little tweeter. <BR> <BR>Don't worry about the cost but i want the best sounding setup. Also is bad to mix horns with 6.5" speakers? Or would it make the sound more well rounded? Any comments would be appreciated!!!!

clubmyke 07-21-2006 7:56 PM

would suggest running 3 of all the same speaker, otherwise you will need another amp.. <BR>amp impedence / setup plays a big part in the setup.

abadsvt 07-21-2006 8:12 PM

Well i don't mind spending a couple hundred dollars for a amp. You know alot about speakers clubmyke. Besides the amp issue what setup would you recommend? I am trying to find a happy medium with sound quality and making them look nice on the tower. I saw a xstar with deafcon v's (older 450's) and at first i thought it looked to busy but when i looked at it again i thought it looked kind of good. I am sure no-one needs that much of sound but it makes one hell of a statment.

lake_side 07-21-2006 8:54 PM

louder is better

clubmyke 07-21-2006 9:13 PM

what head unit are you using ? <BR>how many outputs does it have ? <BR>how are you going to control the boat volume and the tower speaker volume ? <BR>size of alternator ? <BR>how many &amp; what kind of battery setup? <BR> <BR>to really run hcld speakers, plan on spending just as much or or close to on the amps(ie arc, zapco, tru etc)...

abadsvt 07-21-2006 10:04 PM

Well i was planning on using the stock clarion head unit. I am not sure how many outputs it has because i haven't seen one yet. I was thinking about have a reastat installed so i can easily control the tower speakers. Not sure what size alternator it is but probably a standard one. I was thinking about installing a set of 6v batteries because i have been told that they equal 4 blue optimas. They have 480mins of draw ability. Blue optimas are 120mins. Regarding the amp could i get buy with a amp for under $500 for the tower speakers? I want to be able to hear the music perfectly out when i am wakeboarding and since some people say the stock JL Audio tower speakers sound good and other say they sound okay i thought i will upgrade before i spend some money on something that i might not be happy with. Hope that makes sence. Thanks Josh

clubmyke 07-22-2006 9:38 AM

what is a reastat ? 2 blue tops with a decent alterntor should work in most applications ( i like gel cells). <BR> <BR>in regards to the amp, if you get different speakers then you will need another amp, running 3 speakers really mucks things up (i went with 3 also).... if you get 3 of the same then 1 big amp (4 ohms wired paraell is 1.34 ohms..pretty low or if they offered a 8 ohm driver then that would be 2.67 ohms)... a zapco 1100.1 with symbilink controller would work (about $800 new)

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