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ferrarispider95 08-12-2002 10:34 PM

I got all the rotation, and land on the board again, but with no handle. I am not sure even when I lose it. Any tips, I dont have a tramp to practice with. Also how hard a cut do you have to take with a tantrum, I took a little lofty cut, and got the rotation but landed in middle of the wake. If I try to go to fast, I have a hard time getting the board squared properly and judging when to throw the flip. Also how do you sport your landing, all I see when I flying through the air, is my board and legs flying up. <BR>thanks <BR>jason

regardstobuck 08-14-2002 12:13 AM

I have been throwing this trick all summer and Im just getting the hang of it. it sounds like to me that there could be a few things going wrong. one your throwing a too early. if you alow yourself to pop before you throw youll be able to hold on to the rope better. second when you square your board to the wake throw your head and shoulders back and look for your landing. if you pop first and then throw it youll have plenty of time to spot your landing. some more advice is concentrate on not letting go until you crash and burn. this will help with the rope situation also. <BR>let me know how it goes

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