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nailem 06-25-2013 8:03 PM

rudder tuning/filing help please
my 05 enzo 230 ran straight as an arrow last year. over the winter I installed a heater. the old steering cable did not feel that bad to me but I figured while I was in the area I would replace it.

the new cable is so much better, super light. sounds good but the first time I ran the boat I had a abrupt pull to the starboard. I let go of the wheel and it turns a good half to 3/4 turn. so I did some reading on rudder tuning. although it seems weird that all of a sudden it would be this far off it is the only thing I could find.

let me start by saying you can learn to do almost anything online if you spend some time searching. I say almost because I just cant find much on rudder tuning other than if it pulls right file some of the trailing edge on the left or vise versa. also to do a little at a time.

anyone with experience please help. I have pulled the boat 4 times and it does not seem to be getting any better. I understand it is hard to say how much to take off because it would depend on the amount of pull but even a good starting point would help.

I filed off what I would say to be about 1/16 on the port trailing edge and it seemed to be maybe 30% better but still really bad so I filed off another 1/16 and it seemed the same. so I had read that if you file on the leading edge of the starboard side it would make a major adjustment so I filed 1/16 off the leading starboard and 1/16 more off the port, now it seems to be back to where I started.

I am filing starting at the trailing edge the whole length of the rudder and about 2 inches in from the trailing edge. i'm filing the trailing edge so that it has a nice smooth rounded trailing edge like the factory.

i'm about ready to take a grinder to it and grind 1/2 inch off.

please do not respond with "take it to a experienced tuner" I live off of lake Erie and I have only seen 3 other inboards on the lake and I really do not believe any of the mechanics in this area would know what they are doing.

also don't say "go buy a tunable rudder" I know this is an option but really do not want to go that rout unless I have to.

h20king 06-25-2013 8:26 PM

You need to leave the trailing edge at an angle and not round it off. No need to file the leading edge. Take it down an 1/8" at a time. If you go to far you just take some off the other trailing edge. No need for a new rudder. Saw your post on the crew but I do not post there any more

h20king 06-25-2013 8:29 PM

Also when I tune a rudder I use an air sander with heavy grit. It is much quicker than a hand file and leaves a nice finish. Taking off a 1/4" is not uncommon

nailem 06-25-2013 8:30 PM

thanks for the quick reply. so what your saying is file in the 2 inches but leave the trailing edge at more of the squared off edge?
I keep my boat in the water and i'm getting tired of pulling it out.
thanks again

h20king 06-25-2013 8:35 PM

Sort of if you are standing at the back of the boat the edges closest to you are the trailing edge. You grind or file the opposite side of the direction the boat pulls. Grind the length of the trailing edge and leave it at an angle and do not round it off. A rudder in the water works much like an airplane wing.

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