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355spider 05-12-2016 9:09 PM

I'm curious. Tige content.
I wonder why more people don't own Tige's. No one that does seems to have any complaints.I've owned my RZ2 for like 6 months and it's a solid boat in everyway. Phenomenal quality, ride, looks, reliability etc.. Any thoughts?

soonerbilly 05-13-2016 5:19 AM

I obviously cant speak for everyone.....but I think it has to do with the overall setup of everything in the boat. Its just a little off feeling to me. NEVER owned one or spent any REAL time in one, but crawling around them at several boat shows, they just feel different. The storage places feel odd, the seating configuration is a little odd(vinyl seems really good though). So Im guessing when others walk around the boat they must kinda feel the same way. They all seem to be pretty well made just not my cup of tea I guess.

chpthril 05-13-2016 6:13 AM

I would not use WW as a measure of tige ownership market. Tige has a solid share of the market and sell a good number of boats and the secondary Tige market seems to do real well also.

We are gearing up for the 10th annual Lake Mead Tige owners weekend in Sept. Looking to have about 20+ owners and about 100 people total.

BLucas86 05-13-2016 8:19 AM

Have 140 hrs on our '15 Tige Z3 w/ AVX and love everything about it. Texas Tige and the factory has been nothing but accommodating and treated my wife and I like family. We really appreciate all the interior details, cant say enough about the surf wave, and everyone that has ridden in it or behind it has left with a huge smile. I am obviously a Texas dude, so buying a boat that was built start to finish in Texas was just icing on the cake.

Tige is doing big things, and I am proud to be an owner. Enjoy what works for you and your family and keep shredding!

all2matt 05-13-2016 9:00 AM

I had a 2002 tige 20i from 02-09, then in 2010 bought a '10 Z1 and had that til last summer when I bought a G23. I was really really interested in the RZX but with them not being fully released when I bought my G23 it didnt really present itself as an option.
But as far as quality both mine did well for me, no major problems and the wakes worked well for me for what they were. When it came to selling my Z1 went way quicker than I was hoping so Id say YES the secondary market may be perceived as pretty good.
I would buy another tige and as far as a listed boat they seem to be very good. Ive never ridden the TAPS3 so Im nout sure how it would compare to Nautiques NSS but for me the surfgate was not what I was looking for when doing the apples vs oranges comparison on the 2 boats I tested before buying.

xstarrider 05-13-2016 11:01 AM

The only reason I do not own a Tige is because the dealer sucks donkey balls here. It's a shame because on the pro shop/ gear side they are phenomenal . They have them priced astronomically. They sell huge 40ft boats all day long and I/o's so really don't cater to the towboats. I have waked in cash in hand made fair offer and been denied twice only to a see the same exact boat 5-7 k less than my offer at year's end blowout. I love their designs, my only gripe is they need a bigger throttle armrest.

The other thing that hurt then for a while was their marketing campaign based on no ballast and taps. I think they finally escaped that black cloud tho.

Squamer 05-13-2016 11:05 AM

Same here as above. Couldnt buy one in my area if I wanted to until this year. Now its questionable if I want to buy a new boat which is mostly run by electronics from a dealer that probably cant really fix everything on the boat yet.

OneCent 05-14-2016 1:31 AM

Tigé is like any other brand, with one exception, i would never buy a first year production boat from them.

biggator 05-14-2016 4:54 AM

I'm going to say that a lot of it is perception.

They were the last boat to add ballast.. for years they stuck to 'taps - you don't need ballast'.. so then they were playing catch-up. Then they've recently gone after the surf market primarily, so there's the perception that it's a 'surf' boat more than a 'wake' boat. Then there's the blatant ripoff of the G with the ASR, which IMNSFHO looked pretty amateur.

Do they make a decent boat? Sure. It's a solid boat that will do well for most people and has some nice features. Is it on par with a MC or Nauti? Maybe not, but not everyone needs or wants that... except that Tige seems to be PRICING their boats as if they were equivalent.

chpthril 05-14-2016 6:51 AM


They were the last boat to add ballast..
Not sure this is entirely factual. Tige has offered ballast as option, and it still is an option, since at least 2K model year. Many dont realize Tige did offer ballast, as many dealers just failed to order boats with ballast and failed to encourage buyers who spec'd out a boat to order, to order ballast. It wasnt until the 2010 model that Tige got serious about ballast, and started offering a surf level ballast option.

brit_rider 05-14-2016 8:43 AM

I run a marine workshop and all I would say is that whilst they look nice from the outset, I personally find them a PITA to work on, badly laid out and horrible to drive....

The older ones particularly are the worst boats that comes through my place.

simplej 05-15-2016 4:49 AM

2010 and up are great boats.

we put 420 hours on our 2011 rzr before trading up to a t22.

I found the product to be on par with MC's of that time frame. They have continued to step up their game. I would own another. And I would seriously consider an ASR over a G23/M235

They are laid out funny and a bit quirky though, so i can see why they would be a PITA to work on.

kronoss 05-16-2016 8:18 AM

I have a 2012 R20, and had absolutely 0 problems with it so far. Still looks brand new, and performs like the first day I got it.

501s 05-16-2016 8:38 AM

If there is one brand of boat I would never own, it would be a Tige. I am just not a fan of them at all.

you_da_man 05-16-2016 9:30 AM

Tige factory is 2-1/2hrs from me and I live about 45min northwest of Austin, Tx. Austin has a big following of Tige boats as well as the Conroe, Tx area but both also are extremely water/lake orientated cities with Austin being a huge inboard boat city and both have really good Tige dealers. The lake I boat on 45min away from Austin is a medium sized lake 29 miles long but does not allow docks so seeing who has what brand is hard. On my lake I only regularly see 1-2 newer Tiges. I have an Axis A24 but have checked out Tige a few times. The only off putting thing to me is their interiors are the smallest in each class. The Tige Z3 felt as small as my previous A22 in length but they feel way too narrow interior wise. As far as looks and features I like Tige a lot, especially the Z3

eubanks01 05-16-2016 9:56 AM

Hard to change perceptions. I've always thought of them as 2nd tier and it's hard to change that mindset. Very few of them in the DFW area. They tried to build up this market year ago and did a bunch of demos. It was literally the worst wake I've ever ridden and I haven't been on one since.

cwb4me 05-16-2016 11:19 AM

I started out with a Four Wins 17 ft open bow. I quickly decided I needed a bigger more powerful boat. I bought a 1992 Nautique Excel with the Pro Boss 351 in it. I kept it till 2007 . It had 515 trouble free hours on it. I was blown away by the fact that I got back 40% of what I had paid 15 years earlier. I rode in a friends Tige who had previously owned a Mastercraft. I was blown away by how well it handled and how good the wake was without any ballast. Also it used very little fuel compared to my Nautique and his Mastercraft. Even though his Mastercraft and my Nautique were 20ft and 20-1/2 feet respectively.His boat was a 24v without a tower. I didn't think I needed a 24 ft boat so I ordered a 22Ve. It was a 2007 and I put 425 trouble free hours on it. Then in 2011 I got tired of filling ballast bags ( yes I realized ballast makes every wake bigger and better) and ordered a 2011 RZ2 . I currently have 400 trouble free hours on it and enjoy the same fuel efficiency in this boat with 3000 lbs of ballast. We surf and Wakeboard behind this boat and have had several excellent riders ride behind this boat. They all could do their whole bag of tricks 720's and KGB's, Tantrum to blinds,S bends and off axis 540's. I think the main reason Tige doesn't get a serious look is most of the dealers don't know how to demo the boat. If the dealer knew how to set it up and demo it as well as be competitively priced they would sell more. I've toured the factory twice and they build a very solid boat. The problem is so do Mastercraft,Nautique,Malibu,Supra and Centurion. So the dealer makes all the difference in how the product is presented to the public as well as how the product is perceived by the public. If you look at the boat objectively and a good dealer is present in your area it's a very competitive boat. WWS in Colorado has a lot of competition in the Denver area but sell more Tige's than the other big name boats in the area. So in summation the dealer makes all the difference. Unfortunately Tige has struggled keeping Quality and Knowledgeable Dealers. I think that has been their only weakness.

TTyler89 05-16-2016 3:12 PM


Originally Posted by brit_rider (Post 1935330)
I run a marine workshop and all I would say is that whilst they look nice from the outset, I personally find them a PITA to work on, badly laid out and horrible to drive....

The older ones particularly are the worst boats that comes through my place.

I work on boats for a living and agree and disagree with that. It doesn't matter what brand of boat, I've been in them all, and they all suck to work on. Some mfg do things that make certain parts easier to work on and harder for other parts and vise versa. So it's not just tige.

simplej 05-16-2016 6:32 PM


Originally Posted by eubanks01 (Post 1935452)
Hard to change perceptions. I've always thought of them as 2nd tier and it's hard to change that mindset. Very few of them in the DFW area. They tried to build up this market year ago and did a bunch of demos. It was literally the worst wake I've ever ridden and I haven't been on one since.

They're a bastard to set up properly because not many people understand how taps affects the wake once the boat is weighted :banghead:

It can't touch some other wakeboard wakes but they offer many many other benefits.

06-06-2016 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by simplej (Post 1935502)
They're a bastard to set up properly because not many people understand how taps affects the wake once the boat is weighted :banghead:

It can't touch some other wakeboard wakes but they offer many many other benefits.

Which boats wakes do you think it can't touch? Also which years would you be comparing to? (Relatively same price point)

In the market for a new Z3 and from what I have been seeing, it has a pretty big surf wake in reference to quite a few other boats we have lake tested.

simplej 06-06-2016 7:04 PM

The wakes are good, but are the not best for wakeboarding unless you are in the 20 foot market. In which case I would say and a20/r20/rzr will net you awesome wakeboard wakes for boats their size.

Wakesurfing is a different animal. And of course they ride and drive very well.

06-06-2016 7:06 PM


Originally Posted by simplej (Post 1936918)
The wakes are good, but are the not best for wakeboarding unless you are in the 20 foot market. In which case I would say and a20/r20/rzr will net you awesome wakeboard wakes for boats their size.

Wakesurfing is a different animal. And of course they ride and drive very well.

Ah got it! So for wakeboarding, the shorter the boat the better the wake, for surfing, the longer the boat, the better the wave.

doublemwa 06-07-2016 7:22 AM

I've never had a good experience in one. They seem over priced & very sensitive to weight to the point one wake is always noticeably different. As for a couple of pet peeves, all the ones i've been in the driver seat is wobbly and the most of the compartments rattle at idle and the turn screws on the interior of the boat (tower & swim deck) have been the same since 2003. Not to mention the running surfaces are the same across each model. I'm on the side of things of why would anyone buy one?

chpthril 06-07-2016 9:48 AM

Lots of incorrect and/or confusing info there, double.

Same tower and swim platform since 2003? Whats a turn screw? Wobbly seat? tighten the black thumbscrew. I cant count the number of different years and models of Tiges ive driven, and never notices an epidemic of loose seats and rattles across the entire line. Same running surface? Harley Davidson has stuck with 2-wheeled bikes, so i guess all their frames are the same? Yes, Tige has held true to the Convex hull design, but their hull are far from all being the same.

Tige had a 22i DD with a ski hull up to 07 or 08 that was FAR from similar to the convex V hull that was released in 03.
The V and Ve = different
20V and 22v = the 22 is not a 2 foot longer of the same hull. Actually, the 20V was closer to the 20i DD than it was to being a short version of the 22V or Ve
Gen-1 Z1 was narrower then the Ve, so it was not a 21ft version of the 22Ve
Z3 was a completely new hull for Tigein 2012
2nd gen Z1 is an entirely new hull form the gen-1 Z1
The ASR and RZX look similar up top and inside, but they are completely different hulls.
Yes, the Ve and Rz hulls are the same up to the point that the bow transitions into the pickle fork. But whats wrong with that?

doublemwa 06-09-2016 3:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The turn screw in the attached has been used in every Tige I've been in since 2000-ish, at one point it took a chunk out of my GF's back when she stood up to close to the tower. It's also the same screw that holds the platform on. IMO it is obvious evidence of cutting corners to cut down on cost. Which begs the question: If they can't put a ascetically pleasing, quality turn knob on the boat, then what other corners are being cut?

The seat isn't just a turn screw, or I wouldn't call it out. If you grab the top of the seat, the whole thing wobbles. When I was near a tige dealer I would always give the seat a tug at the boat show, year after year, wobble after wobble. As for the running surface, Rick Correll once told me at a boat show the Z1 mold plug was an adapted version of the a 24ve hull. Which fits the theme of cutting corners. He even pointed out where the Z1 hull turned in to match the hull pattern of the 24ve.

Now that I think about it, many of the features are strikingly similar to Mastercraft. Especially the argyle pattern in the interior. We all like different things for different reasons, for me, Tige just feels like a rip off.

doublemwa 06-09-2016 3:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I just went by the Tige site because I had not been there in some time. Low and behold, same ****ty screws......

501s 06-09-2016 3:53 PM

At the end of the day they are all great boats, but Tige is one brand I will never own.

simplej 06-09-2016 4:46 PM

in 5 years of boat ownership the screws never bothered me.

Everyone has their likes and dislikes, I suppose

chpthril 06-09-2016 5:29 PM

Oh, those handles, the ones that quite a few tower manufactures also use, as well as seen on some other OEM towers. You and Rick couldnt have picked two more dissimilar hulls to talk about being the same, LOL! The 24Ve is 24' and 102" beam and the gen-1 Z1 was 21' and 100" beam. Yep, seem like the same to me.

Truekaotik 06-10-2016 4:54 AM

The hull can be the same design in different size boats, what makes you think they can't? Wether they are or not, it's still very possible. Now unless you are the manufacturer posting or have written proof they are or are not the same, It's a mute point on this forum.
Either way, all manufacturers have good and bad aspect, can't think of 1 that doesn't or is perfect...

doublemwa 06-10-2016 8:25 AM

So yes, the z1 is 21'. When saying Z1 in my earlier comment I was referring to the Z3, my mistake. To also elaborate, beam is measured from rub-rail to rub-rail. You can still use the same hull & expand the width between the floor and rubrail. All new Tige models start with an existing Hull to start the plug "design" for the new model. I assume the path to progression was something to the effect of the 21've hull made the 24ve, RZR/R1, and later the Z1. Then the 24ve later made the RZ2 & Z3.

I can't remember seeing cheap turn screws on any of the other big brands. What OEM towers are you referring to? Did they also use the same screws to hold the swim platform on?

I don't want to just bash Tige. There are several things I like about them. My issues reference back to the OPs original question of why not that many people own one. Tigemike, Alan, and CWB all like them, and if you guys like them then I love it.

Squamer 06-10-2016 8:35 AM

Centurion gladiator tower uses those screw knobs, and wow they are annoying.

timmyb 06-10-2016 12:18 PM

I just sold my 2007 Tige RZ2 today (first year of production for the RZ2) that I purchased new. In 9 years of ownership I never had a mechanical issue. I had 1 tiny gelcoat bubble that was fixed under warranty in the first month of ownership and after that, nothing. Only went through 1 steering cable, 1 impeller and a bilge pump that happened to suck up a screw that I dropped when doing my ballast install. The new owner had me reupholster the rear seat base because there were some threads coming loose but other than that, the entire interior still looked good. I had the Vision Air seat in mine which I still feel is the best boat seat ever.

I didn't have a lot of hours compared to some, only 440, but I will definitely buy a Tige again with no reservations at all. Resale, paid about $60k back in '07 and sold it for $46,500 so it seems like it held it's value pretty good too.

ragboy 06-10-2016 6:05 PM

For what it is worth, we have just held our 7th annual West Coast Wakesurf Open event. It has been pulled by RZ2s, Supreme 226, Tige Z3, and now the RZX. We have used a single boat for most of tige towed events and due to the reliability we have seen, we were using one boat without a backup for several years.

This year, the RZX provided the most rock solid, consistent wake I have seen. The boat pulled clinics all day on Friday, then pulled the comps all day on Saturday and Sunday. It was weighted level, all stock ballast full, 500 lb sacks in the rear corners, and 200 lbs of lead in the bow. That setup has been money for us. We use this same setup daily. The RZX when weighted level likes a bit more weight on the goofy side, so stock rear ballast was set to 90%. The ballast/weight was UNCHANGED for 2 days other than loss of gas. TAPS3 was used to switch and one decent size judge moved during changes. We didn't even sort our riding order into goofy/regular as we have in years past and some riders went on one side in one direction, then the other.

The point is, this is not just an excellent wake, but its solid and consistent, nothing challenges that more than a comp like this.

I think my favorite thing about the wake, and many people say the same thing, it has EXCEPTIONAL push/power, is big, and yet has a buttery smooth transition. You usually don't get all of those things. I think its that bow, its like a plow that spreads the water wide making for a good transition.

Here is the video of the pro men, check out Aaron kill it.

<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fwa ke9surf%2Fvideos%2F1048393605240154%2F&show_text=0 &width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Don't take my word for it, contact me, I will give you a pull. ;-)

P.S. All of our tiges are still making families happy with tons of hours on them.

chpthril 06-11-2016 5:33 AM

LOL, you are reaching too far now, to say that the Z3 and 24Ve are the same. They both float, thats about as far as it goes. You couldnt have picked two more different hulls to try that angle.

The 2nd gen Z1 and the Z3 would be a far better comparison. However, woudlnt you agree that the hull similarities between the Z1 and Z3 are the same as the similarities between the G21, G23 and G25? So it would be fair to say that Naitique cut corners on the G, used the same plug just cut out or put in length?

To make the mold for the Malibu MXZ24, it would be fair to say malibu cut corners and just chopped the MXZ22 mold in half and added 2 feet? Same hull, just add two feet cause they are cheap like that?

brodee42 06-28-2016 7:24 AM

I bought a 2012 Z3 and couldn't be happier. I came from a 2009 Supra 24SSV Worlds. The surf wave on the Tige Z3 is phenomenal (upgraded ballast). The interior on the Tige seems more closed in compared to the Supra but I love how deep you sit in the boat! The fit and finish is second to none. The boat also feels solid in the water (no rattles, etc.).

Tige has a great following and very few unsatisfied owners (that I'm aware of). Of course, with every brand there will be some dislikes about certain things but nothing major. It seems Tige tries (as with every top wakeboard boat company ) to stay on top of the problems and support customers.

I'm a satisfied Tige owner!:D

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