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cowwboy 08-09-2011 5:17 AM

Beware of melting connelly jackets
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A few weekends ago I had a connelly jacket melt to the seat of my malibu.
We had spent the morning on the water and stopped for lunch.
We layed all the jackets out like normal to dry and after 2 hrs in the oklahoma heat I come to find a melted jacket to my seat.

Best part is after talkign with Robyn at connelly for two weeks they say it was subjected to extreme heat and they aren't responsible. Great to know they design products just for the north that can't take southern 100 degree summers.

jaubrey 08-09-2011 7:01 AM

Gotta love this heat we're in.

pierce_bronkite 08-09-2011 7:54 AM

My Oneill jacket is the same way. Its been like that for years. It gives it some character.

supra_21v 08-09-2011 7:58 AM

My jetpilot left some on the fiberglass last weekend. Luckily it came right off. Its this killer heat!

cowwboy 08-09-2011 8:08 AM

So do all the manufacturers not do r&d in the heat on their products before sending them out?

stang_killa_ss 08-09-2011 8:10 AM

my jet pilot doesnt the same thing. its the shawn murray CGA. the logo on the inside melts into rubber. gets all over my back etc. very strange and frustrating

cwb4me 08-09-2011 8:31 AM

I had a jet pilot that melted as well as 2 different Hyperlite side entrys.I blame it on the sun.

chexi 08-09-2011 10:35 AM

Any jacket with that shiny black or gray surface is going to do that. My Liquid Force is doing the same thing.

Try Totally Awesome from the Dollar Store to remove it. My spot was not that big, but it worked for me.

cowwboy 08-09-2011 10:53 AM

I'll have to try that. Just pisses me off that a manufacturer makes a product that can damage your boat and yet the best they do is tell you it was exposed to heat.
Well no ****, it's called a summer sports in the south.

silvermustang35 08-09-2011 3:22 PM

My GF's Black and Pink Starred oneill did the same thing to one of the ballast bags in the rear compartment. There is a giant star on my right rear fly high bag. I know now not to put that one on anything that could possibly bleed off. On our old boat I had a Jetpilot core that bled onto the vinyl of the boat. Sun bleaching it brought it out but I was irate.

SangerTom 08-09-2011 3:34 PM

Had and oneil do the same thing this weekend in Laughlin 110 degrees. I thought I was the only one.

srock 08-10-2011 6:17 AM

My O'Neil left a graphics imprint on my engine cover. It sticks to itself and to vinyl. No a well thought or tested product.

brett564 08-10-2011 8:41 AM

I had a nice little "Glacier Ice" imprint on on my seat from an empty ice bag which melted onto it last trip. It came out once I scrubbed it though.

jarrod 08-10-2011 10:53 AM

Neoprene is neoprene. Connelly didn't make the material, they just stitched it together. .

stephan 08-10-2011 11:43 AM

Yeah I find it kind of funny that your upset that rubber melted when placed in the direct sun. 100 degrees is one thing but direct sunlight is far hotter. Live, learn, blame global warming.

srock 08-10-2011 2:37 PM

They could have selected lead instead of neopreme. Hey I didn't make the lead I just made the vest.

Mine was on the lift in a covered shaded boat house for one night! It's a vest for use on boats and most likely on hot days. I expect the company to test the product/materials before putting it on the market or suffer brand damage.

Next time I see something O'Neal I'll think its crap.

cowwboy 08-10-2011 3:45 PM

The neoprene doesn't melt. It's the shiny material they put on to change the look.
But they should be tested their products for the environment they sell them for.
Or even support their customers.
Honestly how expensive is it for them to send me a replacement jacket?
But instead they feel it's better business to tell their customers that their products aren't designed to be used in the southern heat and that it's extreme heat.

srock 08-11-2011 7:26 AM

Southern heat, what a lame excuse? Minnesota had a number of days that were hotter than any day in South Florida. My jacket marred the engine cover on a October 65 degree evening.

nickbot 08-11-2011 9:44 AM

i find it very upsetting that your first reaction is to blame connelly...it is 100% YOUR FAULT for leaving it in direct 100 degree sun for 2 hours. YOU should have considered what might happen and laid them on towels or set them in the shade...stop tyring to get someone else to pay for YOUR mistake...

cowwboy 08-11-2011 1:32 PM

Ya nick, I guess it is my fault for beleive a manufacturer would have foresight enough to ensure their product will withstand the conditions of the market they sell it for.
It's not like I'm talking about gear designed for winter sports. When we go tie up after boarding we don't always pay attention to where the gear is tossed in the boat.
All of my other jackets don't have this issue.

So I'm guessing in your opinion if a board delammed while in the rack it'd be the owners fault for leaving it out of the shade and climate controlled enviroment???
Guess I better go get a shade and climate control system for the entire boat and not let anything see the sun or water according to you?

bjeremi 08-11-2011 2:28 PM

I think Nickbot was being sarcastic?

stephan 08-11-2011 3:03 PM

Warning: This life jacket is intended for floatation purposes only. If you were to wish to test the melting point of rubber, we at (any neoprene mfg) would highly recommend that you use items less expensive than this $70 flotation device and your $70k boat. We understand that some like to disregard basic principles such as "The Sun" and picking up after ones self, but please don't let the small things elude you. Like all things with an intended purpose, our vests are designed for one thing, floating a person in the water. If you feel it should be used as a hair net, baseball glove, child's diaper, boat bumper, beer coozie or heaven forbid a vinyl protector, we strongly encourage you to find the appropriate product designed for its express purpose.

cowwboy 08-11-2011 3:24 PM

I guess the company I work for should accept the same mentality.
Our power lines are designed to get power from point a to b.
We shouldn't have to worry about making sure vehicles can't run into it or it's safely isolated from injuring people or property.
I mean come on it's only intent is to move electricity from point a to b.

But honestly, what happened to customer service?
They could have been nice and suggested a product to clean the vynil, appoligize for the trouble and damage it's caused.
Offer a discount on a new jacket?
But no you come off harsh and state that I put it through extreme heat and end it there.

john211 08-11-2011 3:38 PM

Cowboy, that coating layer didn't melt, it chemically reacted with your seat vinyl. As srock says, that would have happened at 65 F (if given a longer period of contact). And I agree that, the problem here is lapse of mfr. quality control.

nickbot 08-12-2011 7:17 AM

not being sarcastic.
your vest was not intended to be used as a seat cover in 100 degree sun.
what ever happened to common sense and taking responsibility for your own actions??

brett564 08-13-2011 2:59 AM

This is getting good...

joe_crawley 08-13-2011 6:20 AM

Daniel, you got a cheap lesson here. In that heat almost anything will transfer to the vinyl if left like that for 2 hours. Your handle, your jacket, your helmet, your wakeboard base graphic will sublimate itself. Back when I didn't know my head from my @ss, I transferred a CWB graphic from a marius that took 3 years to fade. Grab some good vinyl cleaner and I'm sure you'll get most of that off and the rest will fade in time.

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