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ak4life 10-20-2015 5:19 PM

More drones that can follow and film

Super excited to see multiple options developing in this space.

Lily has gotten a lot of publicity, but isn't a hands down winner IMO.

I'd prefer one that can use the GoPro I already have. But then I'd expect it to cost ~$500 less than a unit that includes a comparable camera.

Also, at only ~20 min flight time, exchangeable batteries will be a must, methinks.

Not to mention that Lily is rated for 25 mph, which is awfully close to wakeboarding speeds. What happens when there's a 5-10 mph head wind?

snork 10-23-2015 6:55 PM

I don't like to ride into a headwind so thats a non issue, especially 10 mph

jfergus7 01-06-2016 10:34 PM

The one on the top of my list is the Iris+


chillinoj 01-07-2016 8:07 AM

This technology is pretty cool but I'll probably wait a few years as I imagine this technology will keep improving pretty fast. Good find on these cameras though the others really do put the lily to shame, other than the water proof part lily just benefited from good marketing.

I see parts in all of these that I would want in one: The design of the Sprite is really cool and unique and is probably the most portable, but even their marketing footage isn't that smooth or high quality which makes me nervous.

Nexo plus looks super user friendly, but in a lot of situations you wont want to risk bringing your phone with you so I like to see one with the armband(or another tracking device), but also mobile friendly, & controllable by RC if wanted/needed.

Hot dog looks really comparable to the nexo, but armband style. Really liked the ~45 mph top speed to have in case you need it.

My biggest concern for wakeboarding and really just from the boat perspective, if (and when) something goes wrong most of these have like a home base GPS marker to return to but if that was the boat and you have since driven off in the boat would the just take a dive into the water? Also would be interested to see how they do on anti-collision avoidance, I saw some use Lidar technology which I would think should keep them pretty safe. Does anybody have one of these or another besides the DJI phantoms(since we know lots of people have been using those)?

tripsw 02-08-2016 2:54 PM

When is GoPro's drone supposed to be realeased, anyone know?

Lil_Jeremy 12-06-2016 5:42 PM

The cheapest one I've found is the Typhoon G and it can hold a GoPro. Most other follow me models will probably cost you at least $800.

pimpind 01-23-2017 12:52 PM

lily was a scam and now they are paying for it.

airdog hasnt gotten much traction

gopro karma has a full recall..

sadly your only option is dji with typhoon far behind.

Bakes 01-23-2017 1:51 PM

I think you meant "awesomely, your only option is DJI..."

I have the Mavic and it's decent but has limits. It does not respond to rapid cross the screen tracking very quickly. It frequently loses the object at an altitude that looks good. The good news is that the drones 4-5 yrs from now are going To be incredible.

It's hard to beat the Mavic for price, portability and function. I'd love an Inspire 2 with the zen muse, but that will set me back a lot of $$

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