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lyle 04-04-2011 12:57 PM

Whirly help
I learned how to do a whirly last year, and landed about 5 before I blew out my knee doing something else. This year I tried and landed the frist 2 I tried. Thinking I had it whooped, I tried a the next time I went out, and took some extremely hard falls from over spinning the three. I tried again this weekend, with the same end. Ive read to push the handle away from the wake, but honestly right now, I have not enough air awareness with all the going on to know when to start doing that. Does anyone have any input, or possibly any fixes if this happened to you. Thanks

rclester89 04-05-2011 7:47 PM

While I've never taken my whirly to 5 behind the boat, I noticed when learning them on the tramp that a lot of how quickly I rotated dealt with my opposite arm (not holding the handle) in relation to my body. I would rotate faster obviously the closer I would hold it to my chest and vice-versa. Another thing to possibly consider is in fact your air awareness and when to start spotting your landing to open up. It sounds like you may be waiting a little long to do this.

Word of advice, the whirly causes a bunch of knee injuries. I speak from experience. The best thing you can do is get back on the tramp and see what it is you may be doing thats causing your over rotation so you can tweak it before getting back out behind the boat.

skiboarder 04-26-2011 1:10 PM

If you remember learning your tantrums, you put the handle by your ear on the way up and push the handle to your hip on the way down. It is the same for the whirly. As soon as you see your landing push your handle down to stop your rotation. It sounds like you are just leaving the handle up.

Also, consider narrowing your approach. Every time my whirlys get wierd, it is usually becuase I am taking a long smooth approach to the wake. For me, Whirlys and Whirl-5s take a narrow (just past the sprayline), intense approach with a hard plant at the wake. It sounds tough, but it really sends you up and down and boosts your rotational speed.

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