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board4ce07 05-13-2004 7:25 PM

how are the new liquid force alphas? I want a pretty stiff boot that doesnt let my foot move that much and was wondering if the alphas are what im looking for? if u have any other suggestions on stiff bindings let me know.

projectely4 05-13-2004 7:31 PM

the alphas have some flex in them. the LF Exo's are stiffer as well as the transits.

devastate 05-13-2004 7:42 PM

nnooo, dont get the alpha's. your feet slide around like a pregnant teenage crack-whore. and they HURT! they sides dig into your feet, theyr the most uncomfortable thing i've ever worn right after the hyperlite speed, spin, and split bindings.

board4ce07 05-13-2004 7:44 PM

got any suggestions on what bindings i should get for that snowboard bingding feel then? <BR>

malibuboarder75 05-13-2004 7:51 PM

transits or cd bindings

tripleup 05-13-2004 7:53 PM

Get the nice prs1's they are all I will ride. I swear by them (snowboard feel)

devastate 05-13-2004 7:54 PM

ahh, yes i snowboarded in switzerland last summer so i have some idea of what your talking about. In terms of wakeboard bindings in general, i wouldnt get hyperlite - theyr super expensive and they realy arent THAT nice. Go with Liquid Force, the most sacred bindings in liquid force's lineup are the Transits (about $350 big ones) apparently they have everything, though i must confessed i havent tried them. if you wan a slightly lower price range the Ultra's ($220) are insanely good and SUPER comforable, demo them - if you still want more support go for the Exo's for $20 more. theyr basically the same as the ultra's but with a laceup back so you can lock your feet down. <BR>yeah thats about it, if you can get a good deal on last yrs bindings get the 2003 Byerly's these are super comfortable, have exelent support, and are in my opinion the only good binding hyperlite has ever made. <BR> <BR>cheers <BR> <BR>John

iewc 05-13-2004 8:23 PM

Im going to have to disagree with John, im not sure if you tried on a messed up pair of Alpha's, have a goofy foot, or just dont like LF, but my Alpha's are the most comfortabel pair of bindings ive had so far. The non eva is great, and i think fits more like a snowboard boot than anything ive tried on before, since that seems to be what your looking for. Of course, just cause i love mine, you might find that they dont fit your foot right. Go try a pair on, and see what you think after like 1o min. <BR>Geoff

dakid 05-13-2004 8:27 PM

Geoff, just 'cause it's the most comfortable pair to you, doesn't mean it will be for the next person. I think my DoubleUP Luke Wulfs are the most comfortable bindings EVER! But not everyone thinks so. We don't all have the same set of feet. So there's really no point to disagree, and you really can't convince anyone to like 'em. <BR> <BR>davos, if you want a really snug (tight) bindings w/ a snowboard feel to it, try the DoubleUP Kranks, or the CWB Zeus. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dakid on May 13, 2004)

stephan 05-13-2004 9:26 PM

I'd go awith the CWB Zeus, they have a lot of support and can be easily adjusted to keep the top half or toe area loose or really tight depending on how you like your fit. They also have the nicest footbed ever! I ride them cinched pretty hard but it's nice to be able to adjust them on the water. Try them out you will not be dissapointed.

prodigy136 05-13-2004 9:32 PM

i'm gonna have to agree with stephen and say the zeus' are just amazing. hold your foot down like crazy. zero heel lift, no extra movement anywhere on the foot. and the footbed is like a mattress. personly the best i've ridden so far, by far. i highly reccommend that you give these a try. a little pricey but worth every penny.

wakechick 05-14-2004 5:46 AM

davos07, definitely try on bindings before you buy them, and if you get a chance, demo them. The Liquid Force Alphas are great bindings and to me they are super comfortable, supportive and easy to get in and out of. They hold my foot in great and mine do not allow any heel lift. The Transits are great bindings as well, but for the price you can't beat the Alphas (as far as the LF line goes). The Transits are a good souped up binding with lots of bells and whistles, but that is not something I am too particular about. The only thing about the Alphas that I wish was different is the lacing system - the Transits have a dual lace system and the Alphas only have one lace system. It's not bad, but that dual lace system helps to really crank your foot down. <BR> Another great set of bindings you might want to check out are the Liquid Force Ultras. They too are very comfortable and supportive, but don't have any frills like laces, straps, etc. If you just want to get your feet in and go you should check them out. <BR> The best thing about LF bindings this year is the neoprene lining. It makes the bindings very easy to get into when they are dry. They are a little more sticky when they are wet, but I have still never had a problem getting them off once I am done. <BR> This is just my opinion on one company's (LF) product and I think you should check into a lot of different bindings before you make your decision. There are a lot of good ones out there to choose from.

bill 05-14-2004 6:03 AM

id say demo as well but if you cant id also buy the CWB zeus ..they are the best bindings IVE ever worn..they are very supportive ,easy on and off once they are broken in a few sets,and have held up a full season without breaking yet.. <BR> <BR>i havent tried the alphas but like on this site half say they fit great and the other half say your foot does move around a bit in the heel area and are more flexible then other high end boots..

dreevs 05-14-2004 11:58 AM

Love the Alphas. I just got them and they are my personal favorite. The choice is really up to you man, one guys opinion is no better than another on that because all feet are different. For some reason all bindings mess with my left pinky toe - the Alphas do as well, just not as bad as others.(Whats up with that???) Try a few - see if you can find a shop that will demo different products for you, or ask some of the guys on this post for a pull and ride their suggestions - just a thought...

devastate 05-14-2004 9:40 PM

inland empire, if you read my post again you may notice that every single binding i mentioned was from the liquid force lineup, so how could you say "maybe you dont like liquid force" ? <BR>However i do agree with you, every person's feet are different so naturally i everyone likes different bindings. guess you just need to try them on before you buy, thats what i did

ttuclint 05-14-2004 11:42 PM

They are awesome (Alpha's), one suggestion I would have though is that if you have a high arch or a wide foot then get a size bigger then what you would get. I have 10.5 shoe but I had to get Xl's. <BR> <BR>They are niiiiiiiice.

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