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alanp 03-09-2010 7:51 PM

anyone got a 26 mtb disc wheelset for sale?
just looking to upgrade my wheels. looked on a million websites. not wanting to dump a ton of money into the wheels $300-500. would consider tubeless too. if you have something prsgtrman@yahoo.com

three6ty 03-11-2010 2:41 PM

I have been riding my Bontrager X-lite wheels on my Trek Top Fuel for 4 years now. They are tubeless and have centerlock hubs but I think you can get them in standard 6 bolt hubs a s well.

Anyway Im not selling mine but Take a look at these. They are somewhat light and have held up for 4 years without having to do much at all to them.. They probably have 2000 off road miles on them and they are still as True and round today as they were when I bought the bike. I think you can find them on Ebay for fairly cheap.

I also had some FSA XC-300 wheels on a bike and they worked great as well. I only had that bike for about a year but they were nice wheels as well.

Im not going to tell anyone that tubeless is the way to go but I love it. I have never had a blowout or any problems on the trails. I put some Stan's in it and if there was ever a thorne or anything that has gone in my tires, I have not noticed it.

Good luck in your search.

These guys always have some good deals and they are pretty cool to work with..


alanp 03-11-2010 6:48 PM

thanks bro ill look for the bontragers and fsas

alanp 03-12-2010 4:44 PM

i ended up going with an easton one xc wheelset. got it for 400 new, old stock.

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