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parkcityxj 07-27-2005 6:51 PM

Hey, my computer sucks and I can't see any of those videos of threes that were posted. I've never seen one completed on video or in person. <BR> <BR>What I do is fall back a little bit, pump and gain speed so I'm close to the boat, crouch down and drag my trailing arm. I've gotten all the way around a few times but most of the time I either just spin 180 or 270. Any suggestions? <BR> <BR>Oh yeah, I'm trying BS 3's.

surfdad 07-29-2005 5:32 AM

Jay, if it's a problem of not getting enough rotation, try dragging BOTH hands, or actually PULLING (like a swimming stroke) with the trailing hand.

bog 08-05-2005 8:25 AM

jay, that first one last night was so close! damn you will have it soon!!!

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