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homedawg678 03-24-2013 2:47 PM

GoPro Customer Service
My housing broke and after hearing they would not cover it, I wasn't that upset. I decided to order a new housing as well as a new mount, not that big of a deal. I then called to see if maybe there was a way I could get a coupon code due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the situation. Instead of a helpful and understanding representative, I was met immediately with "No." Nothing more and nothing less. Okay at the point I guess I can understand. Heres where it gets even better. About 2 days after ordering I get an email from GoPro with a coupon code for the month of March.

So not only did this dude stonewall me, he couldn't even bother to find out that a coupon code was going to be released literally in 48 hours?

I'm not super mad here or anything it's not THAT much money, what bothers me is the principle.

Any other stories about GoPro's customer service good or bad?

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