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bailey 03-16-2007 10:46 PM

I am thinking about a new board to try out for the summer. I like the idea of an aggressive wake to wake board. Unfortunately since the board has been discontinued a demo is unlikely. <BR>Is the new transcend not as aggressive? <BR>I usaully ride an old absolute and have ridden a marius for a time last year. Any input would be appreciated. <BR>Thanks

wiz 03-17-2007 8:09 AM

i have the 1st gen transcend &amp; loved it. i just got a marius last year. the transcend has huge w2w pop but takes a little more work to go huge into the flats. some people dont like it because it's a slower board. i prefer a mid speed board with huge pop. my bum knee makes me a w2w specialist. <BR>right now i'm loving the marius. the landings are too soft!

innov8actionsports.com 03-17-2007 8:25 AM

The 05 Transcend is a sick wake to wake board with big ups. <BR>The speed is a little slow, but if you want it to be a little faster to take it out into the flats, then just bump the speed up a couple of miles per hour on the PP and your good to go. <BR>The 06 Transcend is the same as the 05, but they but a speed base bottom to speed it up a bit, but same shape as the 05. <BR>The new 07 Transcend is a mix of the old with the new, better speed, same pop and great landings. I like the fin extensions on the 07, verses the old fin setup, you can dial the board into what you like by taking off or leaving in the fin extensions. The Platinum comes with 2 sizes of extensions. <BR>I have to say that I am riding the 07 Transcend 142cm and IMO its the best board I have ever been on, it does everything GREAT! <BR>The 07 Transcend rides more like the Absolute then the 05 or 06 did, I just think the 07 does everything a little better, but some will disagree. <BR>DEMO,DEMO,DEMO <BR>I pretty sure you can find a rider on here thats lives in your area with an 05 or 06 Transcend they will let you demo, if you were in Texas I would have one for you to demo, best of luck to you, cant go wrong with an 07 IMO.

gdillyfunk69 03-17-2007 10:05 AM

I second the 07 Transcend <BR> <BR>I ride the non platinum version with the small fin extensions, and it is an insane board!! <BR> <BR>Great pop, soft landings, and the speed is much better from last years version! <BR> <BR>I also think you should demo it, but if you do, you will most likely want to buy it!!! <BR>Fair warning!

sbt3 03-17-2007 10:09 AM

Jeff is right on with his descriptions. I rode the 06 and found it was too slow for me. Before I was on a 04 absolute. I got the 07 transcend last summer and like it alot. It has good pop and is much faster than the 06. The 06 felt like I really had to give it all the time to keep speed up.

bailey 03-17-2007 12:25 PM

I have heard that the board is pretty slow. Does the speed base help at all? <BR>How sticky are the fins without the extensions on he 07? The last couple of boards I demoed (hype and o'brien) have had the molded fins that were too big. I like a loose board. One of the reasons I was interested in the old transcend is because the fins can be changed out.

sbt3 03-17-2007 12:36 PM

It is fairly loose without the extensions. I guess it is all an opinion. I use to ride my absolute with the fins so it is definitely looser than I was use to. I ride it without the extensions unless the water is rough then I'll put them on. I had a few bad wipes my first few times on it. I threw a 3 and it buttered around on me which ended in a good front side edge catch. After I got use to it no problems sticking things now.

waketac 03-19-2007 10:54 AM

Hi, i rode the 05 transcend for nearly two seasons. had a marius inbetween but wen't back to the transcend. Big pop, soft landings and indestructable, but a bit slow. <BR>If you sand the bottom of a 05 Transcend with 600 paper, you got about the same speed-base as the 06. You can feel the difference. <BR>I like the 07 transcend also, but changed to a Ronix One.

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