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miles_long 04-03-2005 4:26 PM

I have been surfing for 12 years and wakeboarding for 1.5 years. I just bought a 05 X2 and want to try wakesurfing, what board is good for a experienced surfer but novice wakesurfer? <BR>Thanks in advance.

surfnfury65 04-03-2005 6:40 PM

Miles, I am the same bro. I have surfed for 15 years and started wakesurfing last season. I have a Shred Stixx Blow fish (5'10"X 2 5/8"X 22"X 17" and an Inland surfer. The Shred Stixx by far is my favorite. It is just like a board that you would surf with. I have never tried a skim type board so I can't tell you about those. If your down with straight surfing get the Blow Fish. <BR>Board More/Work Less <BR>J$

surfnfury65 04-03-2005 7:54 PM

Here is the website. <BR><a href="http://www.shredstixx.com/" target="_blank">http://www.shredstixx.com/</a>

jcrider 04-04-2005 12:25 AM

Hey John, <BR> what size inland surfer do you ride? I just bought a new one today and got a 5"6 for myself/son and friends to ride. We have only been wakeboarding for (2) years but almost everone is "real" surfer with skills from novice to proffesional levels. I looked @ the sizes and figured out that from the avg. weight @ around 195 that this board would have more performance as opposed to a "long board". Just got bought a new Malibu Wakesetter vlx and get it next week and cant wait. Along time ago-15-20 yrs! we used to ride a Snurfer(remember them?) and take out our 6"0 to 6'5 thrusters and ride behind a "ski boat". Alot of fun but somewhat limited on moves and a hell of alot of pressure dings! It appears to me that holding on to the rope pressed onto the nose of the board with one hand and the other on the rail and standing up ala ocean style would be the easiest? saw your pics, nice .

miles_long 04-04-2005 3:26 PM

Thanks for the info! I see that there are like real surf boards. I didn't really want to spend 500 on something i am just gonna try for the first time, i saw a Hyperlite Broadcast that i could snag for under 200.00 what do you think about those? <BR>Thanks

surfnfury65 04-04-2005 9:38 PM

John, My Inland Surfer is also 5'6". My 12 year old rides that one now. Once I got on the Shred Stixx I haven't ridden the Inland Surfr.The Shred Stixx gives me more of the real surf feeling. I moved from Santa Cruz to Brentwood last year. I went from surfing 2-3 times a week to once every couple months so I try and get as close as I can to the real thing. I do remember those old Skurfer(?) boards. I get up wakeboard style although some of the guys I go with get up surf style. It's about 50/50. <BR>Board More/Work Less <BR>J$

jcrider 04-05-2005 12:03 AM

John, that is quite a change in pace. I grew up in Santa Cruz/la Selva Beach. We have just sold our home outside of Moss Landing and are moving between Lake Naci and San Antonio. Never thought I would move away from the ocean, but the quality of life/traffic/crime and expense is driving me away. It is still a good place compared with s.j. Merced, etc. but is not the same as growing up, so off we go! alas it is one hour or less to Morro Bay when its to hot and want to paddle out. I give you my input on the Inland board once we try it. After reading your Shred info Im thinking maybe I should have bought that one. If not maybe Ill upgrade and leave that one for the kids.

obsurfer 04-05-2005 2:01 AM

Miles, Dave Williams had a really cool wakesurf demo day. To my suprise the small concave board worked the best. I have been surfing for 27 years. <BR> .<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/surf/getboard5.asp?ProductID=2276" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/surf/getboard5.asp?ProductID=2276</a> <BR>You don't need the length to paddle and you don't need much of a broad based fin to gain speed. Troy Lingstom had it wired on the small boards, give him a e-mail. I'm sure he had a favorite.

surfnfury65 04-06-2005 4:19 PM

John, Bro I swore up and down that I would never leave Santa Cruz. There was no way I was giving up surfing. But three kids and our house was small so off to the east bay. Plus the traffic on Highway 1.. forget it. I would move down to Paso Robles/ Atascadero. That is where I bought my B52. It's killer down there. Just to far to commute. <BR>J$

jcrider 04-06-2005 11:24 PM

John, I am only going to commute 2days a week for 6 months, by then I will have my own job (building house). If I was to commute to s.c area it would cost me $375 in gas per week in my work(gas HOG) truck. Believe me that I dont make enough money to justify that and the 4 hr a day commute.I thought Brentwood was in L.A for some reason(O.J. Simpson trial?) Speaking of traffic, how did you get that shot of you @ the Hook w/no one out or dropping in on you? I am sure to have surfed there with you in the past but I got sick of everyone thinking that they were a local/crowds/vibe. It takes away from the reason I started as a Teenager. Iliked it better when there were no stairs and a dirt parking lot!

surfnfury65 04-08-2005 8:47 PM

John, <BR>It was one of those far a few between days where there was a decent swell and not a lot of people in the water. I surfed a few weeks ago and it was super crowded, many fights(verbal),and all sorts of kooks out. That's what nice about wakesurfing, you'll never get burned or have to grovel for a wave or have some guys board come flying at you. I do miss the days of no stairs. You know, I bet we surfed together. And there is a Brentwood in L.A. <BR>Board More/Work Less <BR>J$

skikirkwood 04-25-2005 9:32 PM

Hey guys, <BR>I too grew up in the Santa Cruz area, down in Aptos, grew up surfing but now I'm at school in Davis so wakesurfing is the closest I get most of the time. Sucks leaving the coast, but I got really sick of the crowds (I usually surfed Privates, Sharks or the Point, or the "south side" beach breaks). Everyone seems to be getting more and more irritable and no one knows etiquette. Wakesurfing seems to keep people stoked all the time, and it doesn't even matter if the water is chopped, it's saved a few wakeboard sessions for me as well. My favorite wakesurfer is the Hyperlite Broadcast, but admittedly I haven't tried more than 3 others. Only problem with wakesurfing is it's more expensive because you need a boat...

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