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jon_a 08-25-2003 9:12 PM

Pro Wakeboard or Waterski Lessons <BR> <BR>When: September 4,5,6 <BR> <BR>Where: Degray Lake <BR> <BR>With: Dave Briscoe. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.thewakeboardcoach.com" target="_blank">www.thewakeboardcoach.com</a> <BR> <BR>Diamond Lakes WaterSports in Malvern will be offering Wakeboard or Waterski lessons with team Supra &amp; CWB pro rider/coach Dave Briscoe. <BR> <BR>Dave is an X Games finalist, European Champion, Scandanavian Champion. He has been a Pro Wakeboarder since Wakeboarding started, and can be seen in numerous video’s and magazine’s. He has been featured recently in Waterskier Mag. Water Ski mag. Wakeboard Mag, and L-10 mag. <BR> <BR>For the past 12 years Dave has owned and opperated his own Wakeboard/ Ski School, His students include: Zane Schwenk, Parks Bonifay, <BR> <BR>Jeremy Kovak, Shannon Best, Jeff Heer, JD Webb, <BR> <BR>Derek Grassman, Kevin Henshaw, Laura Lohrmann and the list goes on. <BR> <BR>Dave has offereed his services to help you get started or step it up to the next level. <BR> <BR>This is a golden opportunity to check out the Wake’s the pro’s love to train behind at Dave’s school, The actual Gravity Game’s Supra SSV will be weighted down, and throwing it’s massive ramp, for you to learn that new trick you’ve been dreaming of !! <BR> <BR>Contact either Stan or Jon Allen for more information and reservations at 501.337.4808 or email <a href="mailto:wakeboarder@ezclick.net">wakeboarder@ ezclick.net</a> . <BR> <BR> <BR>

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