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jwat142 05-04-2007 1:07 PM

Anyone know what bindings he is wearing in this video? Are they a Hyperlite proto? And I'm 99% sure they are NOT the Ronix One's. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.alliancewake.com/video_details.php?id=2928" target="_blank">http://www.alliancewake.com/video_details.php?id=2928</a>

gimp990 05-04-2007 1:22 PM

they look like white 3DS's

wakebrdr38 05-04-2007 1:23 PM

those would be the 3ds in all white, pretty sick, too bad you cant get them, well at least not this season

wakeriderixi 05-04-2007 1:24 PM

3DS's... I was out on that lake a few days ago, he was throwing switch 9's up and down that run. He even signed a few posters for some friends outside of his house. He wasn't too pleased with his final run last Sunday to say the least, but was on top of his game every other second of the weekend.

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