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CarFanatic5 10-14-2013 7:48 AM

Need good beginner board that will fit multiple people
I need a good beginner board, with bindings that will fit multiple people. I have my own board, but it wont work for teaching friends and family how to wake board. Need some advice on a good comfortable set up for this type of thing.



VinnyA 10-14-2013 8:32 AM

CWB Absolute or LF Watson Classic

CarFanatic5 10-14-2013 8:37 AM

what about the bindings? I guess that's really more important. I good binding that will fit a variety of people

shawndoggy 10-14-2013 9:09 AM

this is what craigslist is for. Board will get thrashed by guests, just get something cheap from CL. Hyperlite state would be a good choice.

CarFanatic5 10-14-2013 9:13 AM

ok cool. whats a good size board for a range of riders? Any suggestions on the bindings?

JayManAR 10-14-2013 9:49 AM

I use my old Hyperlite State 140 for beginners. Bindings are a little more tricky, just find a range that will fit most of the people that will be using it. Try to find a discounted pair from previous years on evo.

shawndoggy 10-14-2013 10:11 AM

+1. I have a 140 state for guests, with some size 7-11 bindings. I got up 6 never-evers on that board over the summer, ranging from 100-200 lbs. Works great for all.

CarFanatic5 10-14-2013 10:15 AM

ok cool. what bindings did you have that fit that range of sizes?

john211 10-14-2013 12:43 PM

+2 for 140 state. I once had the larger size (145?) for bigger riders. I went a few seasons w/o bigger riders, so I gave it away as a Christmas gift. Nowadays, I have a raft of bigger (and older) newbies.

BuyWake_Rhett 10-18-2013 1:17 PM

Brendan, do you have a specific range of sizes you're trying to accommodate? Here's a list of popular package-style boots and their size ranges:

Ronix Divide Boots (5- 8.5 )( 7.5 - 11.5) (10.5 - 14)
Hyperlite Remix Boot (4-8) (7-10.5) (10-14)
Byerly Standard Boots (7-10.5) (10-14)
CWB Vapor (5-8)(9-13)
Slingshot Option (4-8) (8-11) (11-14)

Each binding model above is geared towards beginners and can be packaged with a wakeboard of the same caliber. Good luck man.

CarFanatic5 10-18-2013 1:51 PM

just a binding that would fit the biggest range of men and women really. found a couple states with decent binding sizes.

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