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eubanks01 10-24-2011 10:12 AM

CTRL Boards
Anybody rode one of these and have opinions on them for the cable? I have an older SS Recoil but would like something more versatile that would be able to hit rails but also be easier to learn air tricks. How do the CTRL boards compare to the SS lineup?

dirwoody 10-24-2011 2:43 PM

Rode them before I started doing air tricks, so I can't give a first hand testimonial, but I really liked them. My buddies that ride them absolutely love them, especially for air tricks. When they were teaching me air tricks, one of them jokingly told me the easiest way to learn them is to buy a Ctrl RX! Hold up really well to obstacles too. my fav was the RX and the standard, but I didn't get a lot of time on the blueprint or the others. I just like molded in fins, so I stuck more with the first two.

tailgate 10-24-2011 2:48 PM

Jarret, I think they have one in the rental shop to help temporarily replace all the CWB's that were broken...

beretta5spd 10-24-2011 8:42 PM

here's a link to the 2012 lineup.... it isn't even up on their website yet


I'm hoping to be rocking a 134 standard in green for this next season.

beretta5spd 10-24-2011 9:42 PM

woops.... meant to say 134 supreme

eubanks01 10-25-2011 8:17 AM

Brian - That would be awesome! I would love to ride one. Maybe this weekend.

snoopy1173 10-25-2011 6:08 PM

Just adding to the post. The flex on the blueprint, what is it like. Ive ridden slingshot boards and experienced theyre flex. As well as their ballistec line with the slightly stiffer flex characteristics. Also the watson hybrid. Who ever has ridden the blueprint, can you compare its stiffness/flex pattern with any other boards?

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