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tobs2 03-14-2008 3:15 PM

I live in Disco Bay on the water just moved there from Livermore, I have been wakeboarding for few yrs now and ride alot over summer and some over winter when I am not snowboarding. I have a 2004 Ski Centurion Wake Edit. boat, and we are always looking to get more people together to ride and form a real good crew. I will most likely start riding alot in May....So if anyone wants to ride just hot me up and we can start putting a good crew together for this summer and more... you can email me at: <a href="mailto:tobs2@hotmail.com">tobs2@hotmail.com</a> Tobin

sanddragon2004 03-24-2008 2:28 PM

lol TOBIN DOES YOUR girlfriend know your posting in this section?

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